Laser Hair Removal for Women - A Permanent Solution

Laser Hair Removal for Women – A Permanent and Painless Solution

Laser Hair Removal

Hair look great but only when on head. Unwanted hair here and there makes you look untidy. People have been using different traditional techniques such as shaving, threading and waxing to get rid of unwanted hair, but they are all painful and the results are also temporary. Some of them need to be repeated every other day while others may last for a couple of weeks but not more than that.

If you are seeking a permanent and painless solution for unwanted hair, then worry not. There are different options available to help you permanently get rid of hair on face, legs, arms, abdomen or anywhere else on your body. Before deciding on which treatment option suits you best, it is important to find out the exact cause behind excess hair growth. Hormonal imbalance during puberty has been found to be a common cause behind abnormal hair growth on face, legs and arms. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can also trigger growth of unwanted facial and body hair in women.

If hormonal imbalance or polycystic ovaries are the reason behind excessive growth of facial or body hair, the best way to get rid of them is through medication, medication addressing the root cause. Your physician will prescribe you some blood tests to check levels of testosterone and few other hormones that can cause excess hair growth (hirsutism). You may also be asked to undergo a visual test like pelvic ultrasound to inspect your ovaries for signs of any abnormal growth (cyst). If the tests confirm high levels of testosterone or presence of cyst, medications to correct the hormonal imbalances may help minimize the excessive hair growth. Topical creams can also help reduce hair growth in targeted areas.

One of the most effective hair removal technique used nowadays is laser hair removal in Dubai. Laser therapy involves aiming pulsating laser beams at the hair to burn the hair follicles and permanently disable their ability to grow. Dark pigment in hair follicles absorbs the heat from laser light and heats up to an extent where their ability to grow again is permanently disabled.

One issue that women are more concerned about is the level of discomfort and pain involved in hair removing process. Laser hair removal for women also causes mild discomfort but it is bearable. Most patients have reported lasers to cause a sensation similar to repeatedly snapping rubber band against the skin. However, if you are overly sensitive to pain, your doctor may apply some topical anesthesia to numb the area and further help with pain relief.

If you think you are too hairy and these unwanted hairs are making you feel embarrassed, get laser hair removal treatment and enjoy a silky smooth, neat and clean skin and face the world confidently.

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