Once acne has healed we throw some kind of celebration in our heads and feel good about it because we do not have to deal with it anymore. But that celebratory mood is cut short because we discover that we have been left with acne scars to deal with. That is so unfair considering all the time and money not to mention effort that we have put in just to get rid of those zits.

Did you know that there are different types of acne scars and they are treated differently too? Here is a list of them and what you probably did not know about acne scar treatments ;

  1. Boxcar scars. They also appear as depressed and form when little collagen is produced when the wound is healing. They are treated with energy based skin resurfacing laser, an ultrasound device or radiofrequency. These treatment methods create new collagen underneath the skins surface.
  2. Ice Pick scars. These scars are very deep and they are as a result of infection of the sebaceous gland opening on the skin. Treatment starts with excising the scar and suturing the defect closed. This type of treatment works only on selected cases. In other cases skin grafts can be done to fill the scars then a laser or radiofrequency device is used to smooth the skins surface.
  3. Rolling scars. They have smooth edges and they look like tiny valleys and hills. They are treated with microfat injections which are then followed by microneedling with PRP platelet rich plasma.
  4. This are discolorations or dark spots caused by acne related inflammation. Treatment for these scars include  four percent hydroquinone then sunblock.
  5. Keloid scars. These are reddish or pinkish scars that are raised. They are treated by injecting steroids to flatten them. They can also be treated by pulsed dye laser or cryosurgery.
  6. Combination scars. These are scars which are combined. For example you might have box car next to ice pick which is above some other pale or reddish scars. Multiple treatments are needed because these are different types of scars. Patience is needed when undergoing the treatments because it might take up to a year to see about 50% of the results.
  7. Picking acne scars makes them worse. Everybody knows that picking or squeezing pimples is not good. It is also the same for acne scars, picking on them will only irritate the skin making the healing process longer or worse cause an infection.
  8. Scrubbing them will not make them go away or look better. Scrubbing your face will not stimulate your skin to produce new skin and get rid of the acne scars. You definitely have to wash your face daily for health purposes but do not over it because you do not want new problems on top of the ones that you already have.
  9. Acne scars and acne marks are two different things. Acne scars are caused by severe acne and they indents. Acne marks on the other hand occurs and still leave the skin smooth plus they fade with time on their own.
  10. Prevention is the best form of treatment. Avoid popping the zits or squeezing them as these puts you at a greater risk of acne scars. Also the earlier your acne gets treated the better.

Those are 10 facts that should enlighten you about acne. Also read related article 7 popular acne scar treatments.