pimples treatment dubai

Fed up of trying different herbs and shrubs to your face to get rid of pesky pimples? Have you given up on anti-acne creams and serums because they are simple ineffective? Don’t worry! Laser Skin Care Clinic experts have solutions for you. We have some of the finest acne treatments as well as acne scars treatments to help our clients restore a clean and clear face free of pimples. So stop worrying about how to get rid of pimples and contact us now. The three most commonly sought after options acne treatment are:

  • Chemical Peels
  • Oxygen Facial
  • Microneedling with RF

Chemical Peels

An acidic solution, usually containing salicylic or glycolic acid is applied to the affected areas. The acid in the solution burns the inflamed skin as well as the pimple causing bacteria in it. Treated skin sheds off within a couple of days and fresh, smooth skin, free of acne replaces. Chemical peel of varying strengths are available nowadays. Usually superficial peels are used for acne treatment.

You can also try this at home, but it is always recommended to get the procedure done by some experienced dermatologist, to avoid any unwanted side effects like burning, scarring or pigmentation. Do not pick or scratch at the scab resulting from chemical peels.

Oxygen facial

It is a relatively newer treatment. As the name suggests, oxygen gas, the one that you inhale for your survival, is used for treating pimples. Using a specially designed apparatus, oxygen is pumped into the pimples contaminated with bacterium. Acne is caused by the bacteria that thrive well in oxygen-deprived places, such as clogged pores. When oxygen is supplied into clogged pores, it kills the acne causing bacteria, thus targeting the underlying root cause.

Oxygen supply also enhances blood circulation in the treated areas, which ultimately speeds up healing process. Multiple sessions may be required to completely treat pimples and restore a clear face free of acne.

Microneedling with RF

It is latest acne treatment in Dubai in which micro-injuries are caused to the affected areas to trigger healing process. This not only heals the tortured skin but also the acne. A specially designed tool with multiple microscopic needles, commonly known as Dermapen, is used for this purpose. The needles are used to cause wounds at controlled rate. This not only aids healing of pimples but also stimulates collagen and elastin production. The ultimate result is a soft, smooth and supple skin free of pimples and pimple marks.


If you are interested in getting any of these acne treatments, feel free to contact Laser Skin Care Clinic. We also offer free online consultation to help you get answers to your queries instantly.