Acne scar treatment

What can be worse than a severe acne breakout? Acne Scar! Unlike the breakout which will go away with time, scars are permanent and they are very obvious. Even when the acne is no longer there, the scars continue to affect the personality in a negative manner.

To correct this issue, there are a number of treatment options that are available. While surgery has a fair amount of downtime and risks associated with it, noninvasive treatment options like chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments work quite well.

Prior to undergoing the treatment, it is important that you understand all the important aspects of it. There are certain important facts that you must know prior to getting the treatment so that you are aware of the likely outcome.

The appearance of scars will not entirely be removed

No matter which treatment option is being used, the appearance of the scar can almost never be entirely removed. In case of light scars, they may disappear but mostly it does not happen. Even surgical removal has limits.

The results in general are excellent and the scar is only visible when looked at very carefully. In the noninvasive treatment, laser skin resurfacing is probably the one that has the best results that easily rival excision without the downtime.

Results will take time

The results will not show up overnight and will take time. Most noninvasive treatments need to be performed several times before the final results are acquired. With every treatment session, some improvement can be experienced. Mostly five to seven sessions of any treatment option do the job but the exact number really depends on the extent of the scarring which a doctor can assess.

Each treatment option has its own effectiveness

The treatment options can vary in effectiveness. Chemical peels, for example, are effective only in case of light scarring. Other treatments can be used depending on the nature and extent of the scars. Be sure to understand all the options and their efficacy in the given case before making the call. This can help you in getting the desired results and avoiding the frustration of ineffective treatment. Laser treatment usually is the most effective of all options.

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