You must have read and heard a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of getting laser hair removal in Dubai. But reading pros and cons of laser hair removal as a neutral person is quite different as compared to seeking the required information as a prospective candidate. If you are planning to undergo laser hair removal in near future here are 5 things that you need to know about the procedure in order to have a realistic approach towards the outcomes of the treatment.

Results of Laser Hair Removal are Not Same for All

If anybody known to you is not satisfied with the outcome of laser hair removal then it should not prevent you from seeking the treatment. Results of laser hair removal are not same for all. They vary significantly from person to person depending on the color, type, and texture of the hair. Thick, coarse hair are best targeted by the lasers, whereas fine, blonde hair responds the least to the laser beams, regardless of what intensity you are using to target them.

Atypical incidents should Not Stop You from Laser

Any atypical laser hair removal in Dubai experience of your friend or family should not deter you from undergoing the procedure. Unpleasant experiences are very much possible, but they can be avoided by choosing an experienced dermatologist or a highly skilled laser expert and the right type of laser system. Go for a board-certified skincare specialist with an experience of at least 4 to 5 years in laser hair removing. Also, make sure your provider is using FDA approved laser hair removal system.

Number of Sessions Required Varies Significantly

If your best friend has got rid of unwanted hair in 8 sessions doesn’t mean you will also need 8 sessions to get a silky smooth skin. The number of sessions required varies significantly from one person to another depending on the color and texture of the hair that needs to be removed as well as your skin tone and type. An ideal candidate for laser hair removal is the one with coarse hair and fair skin tone. But, the laser can also work for individuals with darker skin tones.

Free Consultation

Laser Skin Care is one of the leading skincare facilities offering Laser Hair Removal in Dubai. We also offer free online consultations to our clients, regardless of their geographic location. Fill the online consultation form and discuss your concerns with one of the internationally recognized dermatologists practicing at Laser Skin Care. You can also share your pictures with us to get more precise feedback.