acne scar

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions affecting teenagers. Though there is a wide range of acne treatments available to help people get rid of unsightly, painful pimples on their face, shoulders and back, for any remedy to be effective it is important that you first know the cause of acne. Unless you find the underlying cause, it is almost impossible to treat the acne. The medications or treatments you use will only treat symptoms and the acne will come back as soon as you will stop the treatment.

Here are five hidden factors that could contribute to your acne breakouts. Read them and relate your situation with them to find out the best acne treatment for you.

Your Prescriptions (Steroid acne):

One of the first things that you need to check as soon as the pimples begin to pop up is to check your prescriptions. Certain medications can trigger acne breakouts or aggravate existing acne. These include medications containing corticosteroids (cortisone and hydrocortisone), androgens, lithium, lithium chloride and certain forms of iodine. Oral contraceptives could also cause acne. Such type of acne is called steroid acne.

Your makeup routine (Acne Cosmetica):

Certain cosmetics also contain zit-causing ingredients. Not only the cosmetic products that you use on your face but the hair sprays and other hairstyling products can also contribute to your acne breakouts. If you have oily skin and have suffered from acne breakouts in the past then avoid applying cosmetics regularly to the acne prone area. Acne caused by cosmetic products – including topical creams, lotions and cleansing milks – is called Acne Cosmetica.

Note: Makeup brushes, if not kept clean, can also result in a type of acne scar called Folliculitis.

Your Cell Phones:

You may be surprised to read this but cell phones are a big cause of acne on cheeks. Your phone gathers all kinds of dirt and grime throughout the day, providing an excellent place for bacteria to thrive in. These bacteria, when come in contact with your skin, lead to acne breakouts. Make sure you wipe your Smartphone daily with an alcohol swab.

Using Toothpaste to Treat Acne:

Contrary to the common belief that toothpaste offers a very effective cure again acne breakouts, applying toothpaste to the zit can actually trigger it. Toothpastes that you should particularly avoid include those containing fluoride and other anti-cavity ingredients, like sodium pyrophosphate.

Touching face:

The most common and probably the most ignored cause of acne breakouts is touching your face frequently. Touching face even after you have washed your hands with the best anti-bacterial soap, can inflame your skin. Besides it might also increase oil production in that particular area, resulting in clogging of pores, which ultimately lead to formation of pimples.

Avoid these acne triggers if you really want to get rid of acne breakouts. Not controlling acne in its initial stages could lead to formation of unsightly acne scars, which are even hard to treat. If you are seeking an effective Acne scar treatment, contact Laser Skin Care and say good bye to both acne and acne scars within a couple of months. To make a free online consultation, click here.