Have you done a tattoo on your body years ago? Do you want to get another tattoo or remove the current tattoo? Whatever the case is, if you’re going to get your tattoo removed and worried about it, this article is for you. Our aestheticians deal with the latest procedures to provide you with benefits and rejuvenated skin. We have collected five standard tattoo removal procedures for you. However, laser tattoo removal is the latest procedure with various benefits. Continue reading this article to know more so that you can decide!

Tattoo Removal Options

Some standard Tattoo Removal Treatments are discussed below:

  1. Tattoo Ink Removal Creams

Shelves in the beauty stores are filled with a number of creams that claim to remove a tattoo by removing the ink. However, they don’t work in one go; you have to use the cream regularly as per instructions to get visible results. Also, you should adhere to the fact that all companies’ claims are not correct. So, do check the ingredients and ask your doctor before using cream. It is essential for your safety and achieving the desired results.

  1. Excision

This method works by peeling off the tattoo from your skin. Usually, this method is used when you instantly want to remove a tattoo. General anesthesia is administered before performing the procedure, so you may not feel any pain. You need to get multiple sessions if the tattoo is in a large area.

  1. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is one of the preferred methods to accomplish the goal of removing the tattoo. You should get this method done by a skin expert. However, it requires multiple sessions.

  1. Salabrasion

Local anesthesia is administered on the specific area to perform the procedure. Then, a wooden block is placed on the targeted site by wrapping it with gauze.

  1. Laser Procedure

Laser tattoo removal is considered one of the most demanding methods to get a tattoo removed. It is in demand because of its excellent benefits. It doesn’t just help remove the undesired tattoo but also lighten the skin if it gets dark. A numbing cream is used before performing the procedure to avoid pain and discomfort. It would be best if you got its multiple sessions to achieve results. This minimally invasive procedure helps in removing the tattoo.

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal

The following list of the benefits of this procedure will be helpful for you in making a wise decision. These benefits include:

  • 100% safety
  • No or minimal pain
  • Minimal or no discomfort
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased confidence
  • No need for anesthesia
  • No downtime is required

Final Thoughts

Now you know the five most common tattoo removal methods, so you should consult your doctor. It would be best if you let your doctor know about your preferred method and your goals. He will do a detailed examination to tell you if you should go for your desired method or another one. Go ahead to book your consultation now!