oxygen facial in dubai

With treatment improving all the time, the skin related issues can now be easily corrected in most cases. The emphasis on improving the noninvasive options in recent decades certainly has paid back big time and a person can now get treated for many skin condition without undergoing the knife. In yesteryears, many people refused to get treated due to the surgical nature of the treatment.

One of the many options, Oxygen facials is one of the more effective ones. It is gaining a lot of fame worldwide and situation in the Gulf States is also quite similar. We shall learn more about it in the following lines.

How does an oxygen facial work?

Oxygen facial works in a very simple manner. First of all, the skin is prepared with exfoliation for the treatment. Next up, oxygen along with a combination of vitamins and minerals, a number of serums and collagen are introduced to the skin. These ingredients are very useful in correcting several skin conditions.

Is a single facial enough?

The treatment needs to be repeated a few times. The exact number of sessions needed depends upon the problem that is being corrected and your facial expert can make the call. It is though imperative that a reasonable gap between two sessions is given and facials are not rushed as that can damage the skin. It is also critical that the facials should be done as per the need and one should not force further facials since that too damages the skin.

Advantages of oxygen facial

Advantages are a plenty when it comes to oxygen facials. People who have open large pores can correct them with this treatment. It is also very useful in correcting the problem of acne which is pretty widespread globally. Oxygen facial treatment are also great at improving the flow of the blood to the treated area as well.

Issues such as hyperpigmentation which arequite common too can be corrected with the treatment. People often have sun damage on the skin and it can be a big issue. The facial is also quite effective in dealing with fine lines and wrinkles and helps a person in regaining some youthful appearance.

Side effects

The treatment is known not to have any side effects in general. However, certain matters can leave a person with issues. People with sensitive skin are advised against getting an oxygen facial since it can have ill effects on the skin. It should also not be done too frequently since that too can damage the skin quite seriously. Consult with a doctor prior to getting the facial just to be on the safe side.


The facial does not carry any downtime and normal routine work can be continued soon after the treatment. Do consult your facial expert though to ensure that there will be no issue after the treatment. Generally is a good idea to take a day or two off when you are getting the treatment for the first time.

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