Acne Treatment

One of the most common skin problems during the teens is Acne. The pimples show up all the time and ruin your day. The extent of the effect it has can vary in different people. For some, the problem is mild and barely noticeable. For others, it can be more severe and can have telling effects on their personality.

Whether the acne is light or severe, it is important to treat it since it can damage the skin and leave scarring in the longer run. The treatments for different stages of acne vary. We shall learn about these stages and how they can be treated in the following lines.

Stages of acne

There are three main stages of acne.

Mild Acne

This stage has a few red bumps and pimples here and there, mostly on the face. While the condition is not very threatening at this stage, if left untreated, it can escalate big time in future. Generally it is caused by stress. Use of some products and maintaining a good hygiene can help in controlling the problem.

Moderate Acne

In this stage, the acne breakouts are a lot more common and pustules can form. Blackheads and inflamed blemishes too are quite common. The pimples may also form on other area of the body apart from the face. Moderate acne is extremely important to treat since it can spread all over at this stage.

Severe Acne

This is the most extreme form of acne. The pimples can break down and start discharging pus. Ulcers can also form in severe cases which can lead to scarring on the skin. Getting treatment on time is imminent.

Treatment Options

There are numerous treatment options that are available to correct acne trouble. Their usage depends upon the stage of the acne. We shall learn about them in the following lines.

Topical Medications

A number of creams are available that can be applied to the acne affected areas. These are generally the first line of defense against acne. These creams are generally Vitamin A and antibiotics based. They can be used to kill the bacteria that causes acne and reduce inflammation. These are ideal for mild to moderate acne trouble. To get the desired results, these need to be applied for a fair amount of time.

Oral Medications

Antibiotics and combined oral contraceptives are commonly used to control mostly moderate acne trouble. These are able to control the inflammation and improve the condition. In extreme cases of acne where all other options have failed, isotretinoin may be used. It is an ideal solution for severe acne and is only prescribe when nothing else works due to the severe side effects this medication has.

Fractional CO2

Fractional CO2 is fractionated carbon dioxide laser that works on unclogging the pores and triggers new cell generation. It is an effective treatment that can help at just about any stage of the acne though mostly is used for moderate to severe acne. A few treatment sessions should get the job done.

Chemical Peels

These are acidic solutions available in different strengths that can be applied to resurface the skin and allow healthier skin to grow. It also works wonders in controlling the bacteria that cause acne. It is important that the peels are applied by a professional to reduce the risk of damage to the skin. A few applications will be needed to achieve the desired outcome.

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