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Cosmetic field is undergoing severe changes and now there is cure for almost every problem. Skin related problems that have no or little effect on health are known as cosmetic problems. The cosmetic problems range from Acne to spider veins and from Facial treatment to Anal bleaching. There may not be much effect of cosmetic treatments to the body but it has serious effects on the confidence and personality of the person. According to a teen psychological study, seven out of ten depression patients have cosmetic related issues. Acne and large pores are considered as the biggest cause of depression in teenagers all around the globe. One of such cosmetic problems is dark skin region of anus.

Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching was introduced in early 70’s by the porn stars but nowadays the treatment is being used by almost every model, every athlete and every celebrity. According to a report, anal bleaching is practiced more in the cities near beaches and is gaining popularity in UAE as well.


Anal bleaching in Dubai allows the person to boost its confidence and boost overall personality and looks. The procedure is done under supervision of qualified dermatologist that first examines the darkening of the area.


The treatment area is pre-marked by the dermatologist and then the most appropriate treatment method is applied to get the body treated without causing side effects. The anal bleaching methods offered by the dermatologist are as under


Creams are the easiest and the most popular way of whitening the skin but also they are the slowest. The skin whitening treatment done through creams is known to be short lived as the creams are slow to show their effects. Creams can play important role in skin whitening if they are applied for longer period of time and are applied according to the skin type and skin sensitivity.

Laser Lightening

Laser treatment is the most successful way to treat the cosmetic conditions regardless of the problem. The laser got it popularity because of its non invasive nature with good power of neutralizing the infected cells. Laser machine targets the infected cells only and penetrates the skin layers without causing any damage to other surface of the body.

The laser treatment for anal bleaching in Dubai works in way that laser gun is applied to the body that causes the infected darkened skin cells to be neutralized without causing any damage to other skin layers. The laser treatment procedure takes less than an hour to cure the body but rest of three days is advised to show the proper effect. Laser treatment is without any downtime but it is advised to avoid the direct exposure to sunlight so that no side effects in long term are felt.


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