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It is important to know the bad skin habits we need to avoid. By understanding and correcting these bad skin habits, we can keep our skin safe from many skin problems.


Yes, overeating can harm your skin. Some components in our food badly affect our skin. For example, too much use of spices, sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol shows on your face.


Over-cleansing does not mean you stop cleaning your makeup before going to bed at night. It refers to the obsession for an excessive cleansing of the skin. Especially, if your skin is dry, leather up it less often.

Blasting Breakouts

Blasting acne breakouts have never been a good idea but people still do it because pimples or acne is nothing short of a nightmare for them.

Not Sleeping Enough

Sleep is of utmost importance for our mind and body. If we do not sleep well, the skin also gets its pie of harm besides mind and other body parts. Always take a goodnight’s sleep to naturally keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Not Sleeping Smartly

Sleeping smartly is another point to ponder. By this, it is meant that oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess night creams on your pillow are not good.

Using Gritty Exfoliators

The choice of defoliators is also important. Skin exfoliators should not be gritty.

Forgetting Face Wipes

You should never forget face wipes. In case you are not able to wash the face before going to bed, use face wipes.

Skipping Your Yearly Mole Check

Do have a check over moles and scars because moles and scars often represent a bigger issue.

Smoking (also Injurious to Health)

It is not secret that smoking is injurious to the health. What people not understand is that it also badly affects our skin.

Overlooking Sunscreen in Certain Areas

Do not forget to apply your sunscreen on all areas where sunlight can affect.

Treatment Option

Ultherapy in Dubai is the right choice for you if you are facing skin problems such as;

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Sagging skin

Laser skin resurfacing in Dubai is another option for the skin problems mentioned above.

Where to Go?

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Online Consultation

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