Acne Scars

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that mostly affects people during their teenage due to hormonal imbalances. However, as they grow older, hormones stabilize and acne goes away – sometimes without needing any proper treatment. What remains behind is a visible reminder of that nightmarish acne in the form of visible, unsightly acne scars.

Not everybody ends up with these hideous scars on the face, but most of the acne sufferers have to bear the trauma of acne scars as well. There are numerous factors that determine your propensity to develop acne scars, at the top of the list being your skin type. Some skin types heal quickly even after getting a deep cut, while others take longer to recover from a scratch even. If your skin also heals late, you are more likely to develop acne scars. Another thing that plays a key role in the formation of acne scars is picking and scratching at acne. Never pick at acne, as by doing so you transfer bacteria to the wounds that may cause infection. Furthermore, some acne types also scar the skin, regardless of your skin type or whether you picked at acne or not.

Having that said, acne scars are no more hard to treat task. Gone are the days when you had to apply different herbs, exfoliators and essential oils to your face daily to get rid of acne scars and then wait for months for these natural remedies to be effective. Advances in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery have made it really possible to effectively get rid of unsightly acne scars and that too without rubbing and scrubbing your face daily with grounded herbs and exfoliators.

Mild to moderate acne scars, affecting only the superficial layers of skin, can be effectively treated with Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peeling. Both these cosmetic procedures work by gently peeling off the damaged top layer of skin to reveal fresh and smooth skin underneath, free of acne scars or any other imperfections.

If you have deep acne scars, you may need laser treatment to get rid of them. A special laser technique, called Fractional CO2 lasers, is used for treating acne scars. This technique works by causing tiny wounds in the hard scar tissues. The healing process not only smoothens the skin but also accelerate collagen production, making the skin more supple and elastic.