Acne Treatments

In the teenage years, a person comes across many physical and emotional changes. As one starts growing older, more responsibilities are given to him or her. Along with the excitement, there are also some challenges that take place. One of these challenges is acne. With hormonal levels raging, acne breakouts are quite common.

Needless to say that it is not an exciting proposition. No one wants those large pimples showing up on the face. Generally these have a limited affect and go away on their own after a while. For some, this can be huge problem and acne needs to be treated to ensure that it does not leave any scars.

There are plenty of acne treatment that are being used around the world. Many of them are quite effective. The number of people seeking acne and acne scar treatment in the Gulf States is also on the rise. We shall look into some of the most effective treatments for the problem in the following lines.

Topical Treatments

These are the first treatment option that are used by the dermatologists. There are several different kinds of creams that are available. Antibiotic and Vitamin A based creams are the most commonly used option. It is important that the cream to be applied is prescribed by a doctor since they can best judge what you need.

Oral Medications

There are numerous oral medications that can be used as well for the purpose of acne treatment. These include oral contraceptives, antibiotics and in extreme cases, Isotretinoin may be used. The use of the first two types is quite common while the last option is only reserved for extreme cases of acne where other options have stopped working altogether.

Laser Treatment

It is a highly effective way of treating the acne. The laser helps in killing the bacteria that cause acne in the first place and also opens the clogged pores. Laser is also highly effective acne scar treatment and can remove them to a great extent. The results are as good as the scar revision surgery without the risks. The laser treatment is more or less pain free with nearly no side effects and no downtime.

Chemical Peels

These acidic solutions are available in different strengths and can help in getting rid of acne. They work by controlling the bacteria that cause the acne. These are also highly effective in removing mild acne scars.

The treatment is pain free and has very few side effects. There is very little downtime. It is however important that the peels are applied by a professional since an amateur can very easily burn the top layer of the skin.

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