Acne breakouts can affect a person at any point in time. The risk of a breakout is always higher for people with oily skin. Acne can be mild with some bumps on the body or be severe with inflammation and redness all around. Either way, it is critical that it is treated before if creates serious issues for you.

There are plenty of products that can be found in a drug stores that claim to be the perfect solution. However, many of them fail to live up to the expectations. We shall look into some of the treatments that actually work in correcting this problem.

Treatments for oily skin with acne

People with oily skin are most likely be affected by consistent acne breakouts especially at a young age. Acne treatment in such a situation is very much possible provided that the right approach is taken.

Topical Treatment

A variety of topical creams can be used for acne treatment dubai. These include steroid creams and retinoid. These reduce the inflammation in the area and kill the bacteria that cause acne. The application requirements of these vary in individuals and these should only be applied as per the instructions of a dermatologist.

Combined Oral Contraceptives

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a few combined oral contraceptives for treating pimples. These have been found to be very useful in girls and young women since the primary cause of their acne is hormonal imbalance. Once the problem is corrected, the acne goes away on its own.


Antibiotics can also be taken orally to ensure that acne goes away. There are quite a few options that are available in this regard. Generally doctors keep them in a rotation to ensure that acne does not develop resistance to these antibiotics.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are used in order to kill the bacteria which is the cause of acne. It also removes the damaged part of the skin where acne is. Unlike the other chemical peels, this one targets specific area of concern and generally medium strength solutions are used. It is highly effective in providing with results.

Be sure that it is applied by a professional since incorrect application can lead to the skin being burnt. Consult with your dermatologist before undergoing this procedure to be sure that it works well for you.

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