skin lightening treatment

Development is a constant process and as we all know, cosmetic and health industry has undergone major developments in past years and now Skin Whitening for the face is available without any problems. There are several treatments available at Laser Skin Care Dubai that can easily boost the skin whitening on the face without causing any harm to the skin.


Skin Tone and Color

Basically, the skin color and tone are determined by genetics to control the amount of UV rays penetrating the skin and the skin color is controlled by several ingredients and substances and Melanin production is one major contributor to the skin tone and color. It is produced within the skin in cells known as melanocytes. Skin tone or skin color can also be determined by connective tissues in the dermis and by hemoglobin that circulates around the veins of the dermis of the skin. Alteration in these tissues and veins can cause an alteration in the skin color. Since the skin is most sensitive part of human body and acts as a small barrier to external stimuli, you can easily alter the appearance of your skin tone and color by applying the non-surgical and non-invasive treatments available in Dubai.


Treatments for Skin Whitening for the Face

Since the skin reacts quickly to changes in external environment, the dermatologist can easily boost your skin tone by applying skin whitening treatment for the face. The treatments available nowadays are easy and provide the best results in small time period. Some of the treatments available for skin whitening are as under:


Micro-Needling Treatment

Micro-needling treatment is minimally invasive procedure that provides good skin whitening for face results. General aesthetics are applied before treatment procedure to numb down the area to avoid pain from tiny micro-needles that are applied to the facial area to cause micro-injuries and due to these micro-injuries, the collagen production, and cell regeneration is boosted that leads to the achievement of skin whitening on face.


Chemical Peels

It is far by the best skin whitening for face treatment as it returns exactly even results in the whole body. Chemical Peels are applied by dermatologist/ cosmetologist/ skin specialist and are available in different depths that provide the change in skin accordingly. Chemical peels formula blisters off the old skin surface and causes the new fresh whiter and tightened skin to generate naturally. This results achieved by chemical peels in Dubai are permanent in nature and allow the patient to achieve skin whitening for face in less number of treatments.


Oxygen Facial

If you are looking for quick and natural results then Oxygen facial is the best treatment for skin whitening for face. It works in the way that oxygen is introduced into the skin pores that gives skin cells a new life and boosts the cell regeneration and collagen production. The results are quicker with oxygen facial machine and allow the patient to get skin whitening for face along with the elimination of acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines.


Laser Treatment for Skin Whitening

The laser allows the patient to get rid of cosmetic problems, it has been used for almost every kind of treatment since the last decade and the treatment has proven its worth in every field. Laser machine can penetrate the skin surface to destroy the excessive melanin that causes a problem in skin whitening on face. The laser is considered accurate treatment but has some limitations that can be discussed with your dermatologist in Dubai.



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