Pigmentation on face is defined by uneven color on the skin in form of patches, the uneven color can be darker or whiter than the original skin color and causes cosmetic problems in the body. The term hyper pigmentation is used for excessive pigmentation in the body whereas hypo pigmentation term is used for the lack of pigmentation on the skin; in either of the cases, the outcome is cosmetic problem. The pigmentation is more likely to occur on the face and it is one of the most prominent cosmetic problems. There are several reasons that can cause the pigmentation on face; some of them are discussed below:


Pigmentation Causes

There are several causes and aids to the pigmentation on face, it can be caused by any deformation in the skin and there are several external and internal stimuli that cause the condition. Some of the most common causes for pigmentation on face are as

  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Melasma
  • Age spots
  • Injury/ Medical conditions
  • Hormonal change
  • Genetics

Sun Damage

Sun damage is considered as the biggest factor in cause of the pigmentation on face as infection causes by the sun rays burns the skin and causes hyperpigmentation on the face, it can only be treated by using non surgical procedures and can stay with the patient forever if left unnoticed.


Freckles are kind of melanin patches that are formed on the surface of the skin due to several reasons. Pigmentation caused by freckles cannot be treated without proper treatment and may be increased in case of hereditary or in case of excessive sun exposure.


Grey-brown patches on the skin surface are known as Melasma, they are caused due to several environmental factors and may even be caused at the time of the birth. Melasma is hard to cure problem and requires proper consultation from the dermatologist/cosmetologist as improper treatment can lead to more problems of pigmentation on the body.

Age spots

Aging is considered as a cause of pigmentation although it is not necessary but some age factors can cause the body to grow pigmentation over time. Such spots are in form of lesion and have prominent edges. They cannot be treated with simple treatment and require proper pigmentation treatment on face.

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions can trigger the pigmentation in the body. the injury causes the body to produce melanin and excessive production of melanin can cause pigmentation on parts of body including face. such injury related pigmentation scars can heal over time but in no case they can be treated without proper procedure.

Hormonal Change

During birth, pregnancy and puberty; the body undergoes several changes that cause body to produce different kinds of cells. Possibilities of patient getting pigmentation during hormonal change period are higher and injury in such times is most likely to initiate excessive melanin production leading to hyperpigemtation on face.


If your family has pigmentation cosmetic problem then you are more likely to undergo the problem as well. The genetics plays a great role in determining the body cells and melanin production. Even the skin sensitivity can be measured by the genetics so if your family suffers from the problem then you are more likely to get through it.


Best treatment for pigmentation on face

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