Melasma is a common hypermelanotic discoloration affecting face including upper cheeks, upper lip, forehead, nose and chin of a person. It is basically a skin disorder affecting both men and women, but most common in the latter, studies show that 90% of all cases are women between age 25 and 35.

What causes Melasma?

Reasons behind this hypermelanotic disorder which causes patchy brown discoloration on face include:

  • Hormonal changes ( external and internal)
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth control pills
  • Sun exposure
  • Genetic predisposition to melasma

Melasma Onset:

Uncontrolled sunlight exposure is considered one of the major contributors in developing melasma, especially in individuals with a genetic predisposition to pigmentation problems. Clinical studies reveal that melasma gets more intense in summer when sun is more hot and humid than in winters.

Why it is more common in pregnant women?

A pregnant woman goes through various hormonal changes during her pregnancy tenure, spanning over nine months. This prolonged fluctuation of hormones increases pigmentation level, thus forming pregnancy marks. Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers have to wait to treat melasma. In this condition, temporary skin concealers can be used to camouflage discoloration.

Is curing melasma possible?

Generally, it is believed that sun exposure can really increase the pigmentation level so avoiding sun exposure could be very handy to control and reverse melasma-related skin discoloration. Unluckily, the permanent melasma treatment is still impossible. Even so, with the appropriate treatment plan, the stubborn and stress causing melasma can be tackled to a great extent.

Melasma Treatment–What Laser Skin Care offers for you:

Following our customized and comprehensive melasma treatment plan, now it is very easy to stop the attack of hyper-pigmentation. We are serving with following treatment plan:

Chemical peels are used to treat mild to moderate melasma cases. However, laser treatment for melasma is thought to be good for people with dark melasma patches. Proper treatment plans to control melasma may also include pigmentation treatment.

  1. Chemical Peels:

Peeling off the old skin to have invigorated and youthful skin is an old and time-tested method to attain clear, flawless skin. In old days, people used natural ingredients for this purpose. These days, there are many products ranging from mild over-the-counter products to deep chemical peels performed in a doctor’s office. Despite the invention of other modern skin peeling methods, chemical peels are still popular. Chemical skin peels are categorized into three categories: mild chemical peels, medium chemical peels, and deep chemical peels, depending upon their strength and peeling ability.

  1. Laser skin whitening:

In the laser skin whitening a beam of light of a specific wavelength is projected at the pigmented parts of the skin. This high intensity energy source is absorbed by the darkest pigment in the treatment area – obviously accumulated melanin. Heat energy obtained from lasers destroys the dark patches and lightens the skin. Small patches take just a few minutes to diminish whereas larger patches may take more than 30 minutes. Multiple sessions of laser skin whitening may be needed to completely eliminate the patches.

Think wisely and do due research before opting for any melasma treatment plan. Insufficient knowledge may further worsen the condition. A professional dermatologist would be very helpful in describing you the treatment that would be best for you.

You may contact our highly qualified dermatologists by filling free online consultation form, and seek help in selecting a suitable treatment plan. Laser Skin Care Clinic is a leading name for melasma treatment in Dubai and several other skin issues such as acne and acne scars treatment, fat removal and skin tightening.