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Scars are fibrous tissues that form on the skin surface after an injury, external or internal. There can be several reasons of scar formation, for example, it can be formed due to excessive stretching, due to a wound or due to acne. The scars often heal themselves and are replaced by normal skin surface but in many cases, the scars are permanent in nature and cause a lot of problems, both medically and cosmetically.

In the case of permanent scarring, proper treatments are required to eliminate the scar completely. At Laser Skin Care Clinic, we have several treatments tailored to cure the post-surgical scars in Dubai without any problem.

Acne Scars

The scars can be formed as a result of skin damage such as acne; acne is one of the worse conditions for scarring and acne upon leaving, leaves markings that are known as acne scars. Although the acne scars are harmless in nature they look awful and make your confidence levels go down. It is advised by the dermatologist/ skin specialists to get Radio Frequency treatment for acne scars Dubai. Although there are several treatments available for deep scars only a few of the clinically based treatments provide great results. Some of the most successful treatments for scar removal in Dubai are discussed below:


Scar removal treatments are quite common in Dubai and are done under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist to provide the patients with the best removal of post-surgical scars. Thanks to advancements in technology, nowadays you can get rid of every kind of scar in a matter of minutes and without any downtime or side effects. Two of the most famous post-surgical scar removal treatments are Laser treatment and Radio Frequency Treatment.

Laser Treatment: A laser is a precise machine that targets the scars without causing any effects on the surrounding skin. The laser penetrates the pre-marked treatment area to neutralize the scars and it boosts the collagen production and cell regeneration as well. As a result, the scar fades away and the treated area is healed naturally. The post-surgical scar treatment in Dubai is done with the help of laser treatment under the supervision of board-certified skin specialists to yield the best results.

Radio Frequency Treatment: RF treatment or Radio Frequency treatment is considered as one of the most commonly used treatments to get rid of acne scars, birthmarks, surgical scars, birthmarks, and stretch marks. The Radio Frequency treatment has a pro that can be mixed with several other treatments such as PRP therapy, micro-needling treatment and Laser treatment to get tailored results.


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