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There are many fat removal treatment options available these days. Some treatments are more effective than others. One of the most effective fat removal treatments is laser liposuction. It is a safe treatment that offers guaranteed fat reduction results.

Laser Liposuction Treatment

Laser liposuction is an easy and effective treatment that aims at removing fat from the body. Laser liposuction targets excess fat deposits in localized areas in the body. It the laser technology plays a pivotal role in melting down the stubborn fat deposits in the body thereby making it easy for the machine to suck in the fat.

Who is a Candidate?

There are some requirements that make a person an ideal candidate for laser liposuction.

  • The person must possess good health
  • The person must be at least 18 years old
  • The weight of the person must be stable
  • The person must not have a skin disease
  • The person committed to a healthy lifestyle
  • The people with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, infections must not take it

Laser Liposuction Procedure

It is performed in 5 easy steps. The procedure starts with the administration of general anesthesia. The areas that need to be treated would be cleaned to prepare for the treatment.  cannula with a  laser fiber would be carefully inserted into the skin.

In this treatment, the cannula will be moved back and forth to melt down the fat deposits under the skin. The laser technology plays a vital role in this treatment. The presence of laser makes it easy to melt down the stubborn fat without any difficulty.

Pre-Op and Post-Op Care

There are some important things to be taken care of before and after the treatment. The smokers are advised to quit smoking a few weeks before the procedure. The treatment of aspirants should also quit drinking alcohol. Drinking plenty of water is also recommended.

The patient will have to take care of some things even after the treatment. You will experience swelling in the areas treated, so do not worry! In order to avoid clotting, the patient will have to keep moving. Regularly using the prescribed drugs is also of utmost importance.

The more patient takes care after the treatment; the better would be the results. Not following the post-operation instruction from the doctor may lead to bad results or some complications. It is important to consult with a qualified and experienced doctor before making mind for this treatment.

Free Consultation

So we recommend laser liposuction for you. If you are interested in weight loss treatments in Dubai, you are invited to contact Laser Skin Care Clinic in confidence for a free personalized consultation session with one of our weight loss experts.