pimples after shaving

People ask a variety of questions about shaving with a razor. No matter the results are good but shaving with a razor involves some side effects. Here are some famous question about shaving;

  • How to shave the face without hurting it?
  • What causes pimples after shaving the face or the body?
  • How can we avoid pimples following the shave on the face or body?

If you want to have a smooth and safe shave, you are at the right place.


To get bumps, burns, or irritation while or after shaving is not new to the men who shave regularly. Here are some proven tips for a safe and smooth shave. By following the tips below, you can make sure you have a smooth shave without hurting the skin;


  • Wash with Warm Water:Take a hot shower or wash your face with warm water.
  • Use Pre-Shave Oil:Use pre-shave oil to make your skin smooth. It leads to a smooth shave.
  • Use Thick Shaving Foam: Use shaving cream to work up a thick lather over the hair. It will make the shave smooth.
  • Use Clean and Sharp Blade: Always use a clean and sharp blade. The sharp blade is less likely to cause irritation but it can cut the skin if proper care is not taken.
  • Shave in the Right Direction:Shave in the right direction. Shave in the direction hair grow.
  • Use a Good Shaving Brush: Take care of it if you use a shaving brush. Your shaving brush should be in a good condition.
  • Rinsing Cream with Cold Water: Rinse off the shaving cream with cold water
  • Use Alum: The use of alum is optional but it is beneficial for the skin. It helps stop bleeding.


So you have seen the best practices in shaving the face or other body parts. For men, it is not that bad to shave the face or any other part of the body. They just need to take proper care while shaving. To solve acne problem, we have acne treatment Dubai to cure it.

For women, shaving is not a good idea. If you are a woman and you have facial hair, the best solution for your problem is a simple and cost-effective laser hair removalLaser Skin Care Clinic is always here to guide you if you ever feel stuck or a hair removal method does not work for you.


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