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Laser hair removal in Dubai is a safe treatment that has absolutely no side effects. It is an effective treatment that provides permanent hair removal results. It is a non-invasive treatment that involves no pain and downtime. People suffer from some complications if the treatment is performed by an unprofessional person using a substandard device.


Famous Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Many myths surround laser hair removal Dubai therapy. These myths malign this remarkable and one of a kind treatment. So it is important to bust these baseless myths.

  • You will get skin scars: One of the famous myths about the laser hair removal Dubai is that it causes skin scars. It is not true because if the treatment is performed by an experienced person and a relevant laser is used, there is no reason you get skin scars.
  • It is very expensive: Dubai Laser hair removal treatment was very expensive in the near past. With advancement in the technology world, it is no longer a very expensive treatment. The best thing is that the clinic’s charge ‘per session’ and density of your hair will decide how much sessions you will receive.
  • It is not for dark skin: In the past, the research for laser hair removal Dubai was done on the people with white skin. Due to this reason, early lasers for hair removal were harmful to the people with dark skin. Advanced lasers work exceptionally well regardless of your skin tone.
  • It is a painful procedure: As a matter of fact, the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. The laser rays entering the skin are not harmful to the skin and thus cause no pain. These laser rays destroy hair follicles only, that is why burning sensation is caused.
  • You need only one session to remove hair permanently: It is not possible to permanently remove hair in one session. It only takes 4 – 5 treatments to rid you of 90 – 95% of your unwanted hair. It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 6-8 weeks. It might take about 24 weeks to complete the treatment.
  • You need plenty of sessions to permanently remove hair: You only need 4 to 5 sessions to get rid of 90 to 95% hair. It is true for most of the cases. Sometimes some people need more than 5 sessions of laser hair removal in Dubai to get utmost hair removal but it only happens rarely.

So do not worry about these myths. They are totally baseless and the advanced laser devices are easy to use, safe, and the most effective. If you want to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently, you should consider laser hair removal Dubai.


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