Dark circles under the eyes are a problem for many, with a vast majority of sufferers linking it with lack of sleep. But to your surprise, a vast majority gets those dark circles around the eyes despite enjoying a full night of shut eye. This means there are some other culprits as well contributing to the problem. Yes, there are numerous other reasons as well behind you getting those unsightly bags under your eyes.

Some of the most relatable causes of dark circles are listed below. Go through them and check which one it is in your case.

Beauty sleep:

If you are not getting enough night sleep, you are at the highest risk of developing under eye dark circles. There is a very thin skin layer under and around your eyes. Lack of sleep causes the blood vessels around your eyes to become more prominent.

Excessive/unaided sun exposure:

Sun is probably the biggest culprit behind any sort of skin discoloration. Too much time in the sunlight can cause darkening of skin around the eyes. Even if it is not the root cause, it can trigger pigmentation problem big time.


Genetics is the second major factor behind darkening of skin around the eyes. Most people have them because it just runs in their family – their grandmother or grandfather had dark circles, their parents also had them and now it is their turn to enjoy this unwelcomed gift of nature.

Natural Aging:

Aging is another cause that cannot be avoided. As you age the fat pads under your eyes begin to shrink, making the blood vessels under your skin more prominent. Sometimes, aging also causes facial volume loss, especially the cheek area. This gives an impression of darkening of skin around the eyes.

Eating habits:

Eating habits and lifestyle of a person also play a vital role in appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Make sure you are consuming balanced diet and your body is getting all the nutrients essential for keeping skin healthy and radiant.


Your eye area is the most delicate and most sensitive part of your face. Wearing wrong makeup can also be a reason behind darkening of skin around the eyes. Consult with your dermatologist before buying eye makeup to learn about your skin type, and then buy the products that have been specifically designed for your skin type. Furthermore, never go to sleep with the makeup on, because leaving cosmetics on overnight can irritate your skin, resulting in numerous skin conditions including dark circles.

Try to figure out the reason behind your dark circles around the eyes and try to avoid the root cause rather than just focusing on the cures, because without addressing the actual cause you may not be able to erase these dark circles even with the most effective treatment options.