dark circles treatment

One of the annoying skin problems is the presence of dark circles around the eyes. It is quite common around the world and people from all demographics are affected by dark circles in a similar manner. Even though it does not have any direct effects on one’s health, it is more of an indicator of something being possibly wrong.

Traditionally, dark circles treatment has been associated with lack of sleep only. However, with more research, it has been found that there are a number of other factors that can cause this problem which one needs to understand to avoid the problem in the first place. In the following lines, we shall examine this in some detail.

What causes dark circles?

There are numerous factors that venture together to form dark circles. We shall discuss the major factors in the following lines.


The lifestyle a person adopts can play a significant role in the presence of dark circles. Lack of sleep is certainly the first issue on the list. Maintaining a poor diet that lacks the necessary ingredients too can factor in. Smoking and consumption of alcohol have also been associated with this problem.

Drinking beverages with caffeine can be a cause of dark circles. The effects of sun damage and the hyperpigmentation it causes cannot be discounted and is a major reason behind this issue.

Facial Aging

Facial aging too has an association with dark circles. The common issues include low eyelid laxity, loss of fat tissue in the cheeks, thinning of the skin around and underneath the eyes, under-eye volume loss, and bulging of under-eye fat.

Other Factors

There are a number of other factors that cause dark circles. Nasal congestion is one of the factors and needs to be avoided as it can cause dark circles in a rush. Skin allergies and environmental pollution also play a part in the presence of conditions. Melasma, a condition most commonly found in pregnant women, can cause dark circles. Skin conditions like thyroid problems and eczema too can also factor in.

How to get rid of dark circles?

There are a number of ways in which dark circles can be taken care of. Improvement in the lifestyle is the first step that needs to be taken. Topical creams are usually the first type of treatment that is brought to use. Other options like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), laser skin resurfacing and dermal fillers can all help in correcting the problem. See a doctor to learn which option works the best for you.

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