Chemical Peel in Dubai

No matter where you live, skin issues are going to affect you every now and again. Taking good care of your skin can help but cannot completely remove the possibility of skin trouble. In Dubai, skin problems are very common and people look for ways to counter them.

Chemical peels are one of the treatments that really work well. Chemical peels Dubai (التقشير الكيميائي) can certainly help you in countering the common skin issues faced in the port city’s residents. We shall learn more about chemical peels and the conditions they can correct.

What are chemical peels?

As the name implies, chemical peels are acidic solutions that can be applied to the skin for the purpose of resurfacing it and in the process correcting a number of skin issues. Along with this, the peels also help in boosting the collagen level. Collagen is a structural protein that keeps the skin supple. It gets damaged due to the UV rays and the environmental pollution.

The ingredients in the peels commonly used include glycolic acid, beta hydroxyl acid and tricholtric acid. These are available in different strengths and are applied as per the need of the given condition.

Superficial peels are pretty mild in nature and do not cause any serious side effects or downtime. They can be used for mild skin issues. Medium peels are quite effective in treating moderate skin issues and have minor side effects and no downtime. Both treatments have to be repeated a few times in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Deep peels are very harsh on the skin and are kept only for the most troubling conditions. They are applied one time only and pose serious side effects and a fair amount of downtime. The results are fairly impressive with the deep peels. All chemical peels are applied under topical or local anesthesia. Also keep in mind that applying chemical peels are home is not a good idea since you can damage your skin.

Conditions treated by chemical peels

We shall look into the conditions that can be treated with the peels.

Chemical peels for acne

Chemical peels (التقشير الكيميائي)are very useful for correcting acne as they kill the bacteria that cause acne and unclog the pores which ensures that future breakouts are kept at bay. Much like acne, chemical peels for acne scarring are also pretty effective for mild scars.

Chemical peels for face

The treatment is highly effective in correcting face related skin issues like fine lines and wrinkles and age spots.These obvious signs of aging affect people mostly in their forties and beyond. Correcting them can reduce the visual signs of aging.

Chemical peels for skin lightening

Lightening the tone of the skin is preferred by many people especially in Asia due to the cultural norms. The peels are quite helpful in this regard and can whiten the skin within a few applications.

Chemical peels for stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused by too much stretching of the dermis which eventually tears. These linear red and purplish marks are usually a result of sudden weight gain or pregnancy. Chemical peels can help in countering the issue and can remove them by resurfacing the skin in the affected area.

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Please note that we advise cosmetic procedures to be availed only for therapeutic or reconstructive reasons. If you have any symptoms of pain that persist after the treatment, we strongly advise that you see your doctor.