stretch marks dermaroller

Dermaroller is considered as one of the earliest inventions that paved the way for facial treatments. It is known to cure all the cosmetic related problems. Derma-roller is a scary looking mechanical machine that has proven success in field of cosmetic treatments. It works in way that it has tiny needles attached to it in form of roller and it is rolled on the treatment area to eliminate the stretch marks.

Dermarollers are considered as one of the successful treatment methods for stretch marks removal; they are good for facial treatment but can be applied on different parts of body as well.  Dermarollers allow the body to be healed and return the natural looks to the body, not only it eliminates the acne scars but all of the shallow scars and stretch marks can be easily removed without causing any problems in the body.


Dermatologist should be consulted first for the stretch marks removal treatment as it can return side effects if the dermaroller is not suitable for your body. It works in following way

The treatment can be divided in four steps. In the first step, you should disinfect or numb the treatment area. We can use numbing cream or disinfectant for this. In the second step, you should 3 – 5 times roll the dermaroller on your skin in cross motions. Then, use antibacterial solution and leave it on for 1 to 2 hours, if you have used numbing cream. Lastly, do not forget to disinfect dermaroller first. You can soak dermaroller in a glass of disinfectant for 30 – 60 minutes to make it germs free.

Post operative Care

Dermatologists recommend the standard cosmetic procedural care after the treatment as to minimize the negative effects on the body. The side effects range from minor itching to swelling of the area but all of it can be avoided by following the procedural care that is advised by the dermatologist. After the treatment, 36 hours mandatory bed rest is advised, however you can resume the daily routine after rest.

  • Direct exposure to sunlight right after the treatment is strictly prohibited.
  • Blood thickening medicines and consumption of drugs or alcohol is also prohibited.
  • Makeup should be avoided at all cost for one week
  • Itching, swelling and redness might be felt during first 36 hours and it will go away after that
  • Heavy suncreams and sun care products should be used for one month atleast right after the treatment.


The treatment allows the body to return its original position and shape without causing any side effects. The dermatologists recommend the Dermaroller for stretch marks removal as it is rolled over the whole skin and cures the body in a natural way. The tiny injuries on pre-marked area when healed pave the way for whiter and tightened skin which is free of every kind of cosmetic related problem.