Aging and wrinkling both are inevitable process that all of us have to undergo, sooner or later. While we cannot stop a natural process from occurring, we can delay it for some good length of time by taking some timely preventive measures.

Aging can be delayed with good diet, healthy life style, exercising etc. whereas wrinkles can be kept at bay for a few more years by following a comprehensive skincare regimen. Your skincare regimen does not necessarily include all the chores performed in a beauty salon, from deep cleansing to herbal facials to dermabrasions and sauna baths. Rather it should include the basic skincare services, such as cleansing your face twice a day, exfoliating it 2 to 3 times a week, wearing a sunscreen before going out in the sun, and obviously taking care of what you eat and drink, since the effects of a healthy food can be seen on skin, and so is the case of unhealthy food.

Are you one of those women who have already got wrinkles? Don’t worry, you can still reverse the process and rejuvenate your skin. There are numerous anti-aging treatments as well as prescribed and over the counter products available to help you turn the clock back even in your late 50s. Walk into any cosmetic store and you will be bombarded with legions of anti-aging creams and lotions claiming to erase fine lines and wrinkles from your face with a couple of weeks. While some of them do work, but most of the over the counter serums and creams only claim.

If you cannot afford expensive anti-aging treatment like laser skin tightening or surgical facelift, and are seeking some effective anti-aging product seek your dermatologist’s help. Your doctor will recommend you anti-aging creams and lotions as well as face wash and cleanser but only after assessing your skin type and the extent of skin aging. Dermatologists mostly recommend topical creams and serums with vitamin A, C and/or E as active ingredient. These essential nutrients are listed on packages as retinol, ascorbic acid and tocopheryl respectively. Creams containing hydroxy acids, such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid are also often prescribed by the dermatologists to encourage exfoliation of aged skin layers and reveal smooth, fresh and taut skin underneath.