Birthmarks Problem

Birthmarks are one or more marks on the skin of a child at the time of birth. These marks vary in size and color. These marks look bad, especially if they are over the face. If you are someone near you have birthmarks, the following questions are not new to you;

  • “What happened to you?”
  • “What’s that on your head?”
  • “What’s wrong with you face?”

The questions like these make the beholder of birthmarks ashamed and disrespected. The person either starts avoiding people or tries to at least hide the birthmark because not all of them are strong enough to bear crazy questions and comments from others.


Do Not Leave the Mark!

These bad looking marks can be on any part of the body. These marks are found in the face or upper part of the body. The color of birthmarks varies from person to person. Birthmarks can be brown, red, pink, black, etc. In some cases, these birthmarks start fading away by the passage of time and eventually disappear.

Some of them do not change over time, and the mark stays until the child fully grows up. There are a few birthmark treatments available with us. Dermatologists divide birthmarks into two types. One is known as pigmented birthmarks, and the other is known as vascular birthmarks. It is further divided into many more subcategories as well.


Cover it or Cure it!

Some people with birthmark choose to cover it with clothes of makeup; on the other hand, others decide to take a birthmark removal treatment. The laser treatment for birthmarks is worth mentioning here because it is a safe and effective treatment that delivers instant results. Laser birthmarks treatment in Dubai is completely safe from any side effects.

It can be taken in the lunch break, and the best aspect is that there is no downtime. We offer the best laser treatment for birthmarks in Dubai. During this procedure, the birthmark is exposed to a beam of laser light. At Laser Skin Care Clinic, we use advanced lasers such as Q-switched NDYAG Laser and Q-TERRA NDYAG Laser to cure shameful birthmark problem.


Free Consultation

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