tattoo removal dubai

Over the millennia, tattoos have been the most dominant type of body art across the globe. The techniques have evolved greatly but the basic principle has remained the same over thousands of years. A tattoo can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a way to express their beliefs and philosophies. Others may get them to mark the different events in their life. Some simply get them to show their liking for someone. Many get their skins inked at the spur of the moment.

While tattoo seekers continue to grow in numbers, those looking to get rid of their existing ones are certainly gaining force too. Many people want to get the tattoos removed for various reasons. In yesteryear, it was a tough ask due to the highly invasive nature of the tattoo removal (ازالة الوشم) options. With the arrival of laser tattoo removal, the task, however, has become somewhat simpler.

There is a common concept that laser tattoo removal is very painful. We shall learn about the treatment and whether or not it is painful in further detail in the following lines.

How does it work?

Laser tattoo removal Dubai works on a simple principle. The laser is set at specific frequencies so that it can target the pigmentation in the tattoo. It works by breaking down the pigmentation. The immune system is always working on the tattoo since it is a foreign object, the reason why tattoos lose their sharpness over time. Once it gets the pigmentation in a smaller size, it can easily remove it. It is not possible for the immune system to remove the whole tattoo on its own.

A few sessions are needed to entirely get rid of the tattoo. Darker colors like black and blue are easier to remove while the greater effort is needed for lighter colors like green, yellow and red. Each color is targeted with different settings. There is a gap of a few weeks between treatments to allow the skin to recover from the previous session.

How is pain controlled?

To control the sensation of pain, the cooling gel is applied to the area where the treatment is provided. The application is done prior to the start of the treatment. This reduces the feeling of pain and discomfort. The pain is similar to that of a light rubber band snapping against the skin. To further make it comfortable for the patient, cool air may be blown during the treatment with the help of a handheld device.

Is it more painful than other methods?

The more traditional methods are extremely painful due to their highly invasive nature. Excision, for example, is a process in which the tattoo is removed by removing the skin from the area. Once the surgery is done, the treated area can hurt and the risk of infections and other side effects is quite real.

Salabrasion is another traditional method which uses gauze and a wooden block with salt and water to first roughen up the skin and then remove it. It is highly invasive and painful and does not offer the same results as laser tattoo removal.

Is laser tattoo removal worthwhile?

Many people are not sure if the time and effort with laser tattoo removal are worthwhile. The fact that the results are the best of any treatment available currently certainly makes it the best bet. It is also important to keep in mind that the treatment is the least painful and risky of all the treatment options currently in use.

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