Laser tattoo Removal

For millennia, tattoos have been the most famous form of body art. People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. Some want to draw inspiration from them while others are explaining their life philosophies and stories through them. Still, some just get them at the spur of the moment. Over the ages, the techniques for tattooing have improved significantly which allow elaborate designs with minimum discomfort.

However, there are certain people who want to get rid of their tattoos for a number of reasons. It is not an easy task if the traditional methods are employed since they are highly invasive and can cause a fair amount of pain. Laser tattoo removal is the solution to this problem. Some people, however, are skeptical about its efficacy and if it is entirely safe to use.

In the following lines, we shall learn why laser tattoo removal in Dubai is better than the traditional options, how it can help in getting rid of the tattoos and is it a safe option to exercise.

Why is laser tattoo removal better?

Laser tattoo removal Dubai has the least pain of all the tattoo removal options and also does not have any serious risks like infections which are quite likely in the more traditional options. The traditional options may take days to be completed and the results are not as good as those offered by laser. With lesser risks and better results, the laser is certainly the best option for tattoo removal. Besides, the tattoos are removed completely which may not happen with other options like cryosurgery and salabrasion.

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

It is a common concern with people that whether or not laser tattoo removal is safe. The answer is that it is a perfectly safe. Laser treatment has been around for a long time now and they have greatly evolved. The treatment does not pose any significant risk as it is a noninvasive treatment.

How is it done?

The treatment procedure is quite simple. A handheld device provides with pulses of laser to the tattoo in order to break down its pigmentation. The intensity of laser used vary with colors. As the pigmentation is broken down, the immune system is able to easily remove it.

Interestingly, the human immune system gets to work soon after the tattoo is inked as the ink is a foreign substance. This is the reason why tattoos start to fade after some time. It is, however, not possible for the tattoo to be removed by the immune system alone and therefore the laser help is needed.

Does laser tattoo removal cause pain?

There is some pain associated with laser tattoo removal though it is less than what a person experiences with other more traditional methods of tattoo removal. To counter this problem, topical anesthetics or cooling gel is applied prior to the treatment. Some practitioners also blow cool air with the help of a handheld device in order to keep the patient comfortable.

Is one session enough?

A single session is not enough to get rid of the tattoos altogether. A significant difference can certainly be seen after each session. The exact number of sessions needed to remove a tattoo depends on a number of factors including the colors used in the tattoo, its design, its age and how well it has been made. Older tattoos with darker colors are easier to remove in comparison with fresher tattoos and those with bright colors. A well-made tattoo is relatively easier to remove.

Side effects and downtime

The side effects are mostly mild and temporary. Itching, redness, and swelling are quite common but they will subside in a week. Make sure to keep your skin protected by wearing an SPF at all times.

Although rest is advised, there is no downtime associated with the treatment. It is not a bad idea to take a couple of days off especially when you are getting treated for the first time so that you can avoid any unpleasant issues.

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