Acne Treatment

If you ask any teenager about their greatest worries, acne would certainly be one of the names on the list. Those zits and pimples can be son annoying. Breakouts often take place as one is getting ready to attend some important event. While for many, it is just a passing phase, for others it can be pretty troublesome.

Acne treatment Dubai are quite effective and can be more than useful in eradicating the problem. It is important to get rid of it since acne in the longer run can cause scarring. In the following lines, we shall learn a little bit more about acne and how it can be treated.

A word on acne

Acne is caused by pores in the skin getting clogged due to the release of natural oils and dead skin cell combining in them. Bacteria is grown in these pores and eventually breakouts starts taking place. Hormonal changes also are a factor in acne’s presence. Teenagers are affected the most by it due to their raging hormones.

There are different levels of acne and anyone who even has mild acne should see a doctor to get the problem corrected. Chronic acne can not only leave scarring but can also hurt quite a bit and certainly affects the overall personality in a big way. It can leave a psychological impact as well in the longer run.

Treatments for acne

To treat acne, there are a number of options that are available. We shall take a brief look at them.

Topical Creams

These are quite effective against acne with long term usage. The creams are applied to the affected areas to get rid of the bacteria that causes acne. These creams mostly are based on Vitamin A and antibiotics. These creams need to be prescribed by a doctor to ensure that they are what you need and do not have any adverse side effects keeping your medical history in mind. The side effects in general are minimal and do not cause any real issues.

Oral Medications

These are also quite effective in treating acne issues. Mostly antibiotics and combined oral contraceptives are used.The latter are highly effective in young females. These might be used along with topical creams to drive out the maximum benefits. These medications can take some time to bring the desired results. Be sure that you only use prescribed medications so that you avoid any unwanted side effects. In rare cases, when all other medications and treatments fail to bring results, isotretinoin are prescribed by doctors. They are the last resort since they carry severe side effects.

Laser Acne Treatment

Laser treatments too are quite effective for acne problem. They work by killing the bacteria the causes acne and unclogging pores at the same time. Fractional CO2 is the laser treatment that is used for this purpose. The treatment resurfaces the skin with older damaged skin replaced with newer healthier skin.

A few sessions are needed for the purpose of getting rid of the problem altogether. The treatment has only minor side effects and there is no downtime after the treatment. It is performed after the application of topical anesthetics to ensure that no sensation of pain is felt by the patient.

Chemical Peels

These are acidic solution available without a prescription in pharmacies and drug stores in different strengths. The strength used depends upon the need of the given person. It is ideal that a professional applies the chemical peels so that the risk of getting the combination wrong and burning the skin is removed.

The treatment kills the bacteria that causes acne and replaces the damaged skin with new one. This helps in removing acne within a few applications. The side effects are generally mild though they can vary with the strength of the peels. Downtime too depends upon the type of peels used. The treatment is performed after the use of topical or local anesthesia to ensure that no sensation of pain is felt by the patient.

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