Are you affected by varicose veins on one or both legs? Are your varicose veins becoming painful? Have these unsightly veins also started to affect your physical activities? This is probably the high time to see a doctor and get these swollen veins treated; otherwise you may end up developing serious complications, including ulceration and blood clotting. Varicose veins are no more incurable. Numerous safe and effective treatments are available to help you get rid of these swollen veins. Some of the effective remedies for varicose veins have been listed below:

Stripping Method:

Stripping method is one of the most commonly used remedies for varicose vein removal. The procedure involves pulling the affected veins out of the patient’s leg and cutting them away. However, this method has been reported to do more harm to the patient than the good. Since this technique involves making an incision in the leg to pull out the vein, it leaves behind a permanent scar on the leg that in most cases is tough to remove. The most horrible part of this tactic is that it does not even guarantee that the problem would not reoccur in the same leg.


Sclerotherapy is a non-invasive technique that aims at closing the affected veins permanently by injecting a chemical solution in them. The solution injected in the veins induces formation of scars in the affected veins. These scar tissues serve as a blockage in the affected veins, preventing the blood from flowing in varicose veins. This ultimately causes the blood to flow from healthy veins within the local area. Sclerotherapy is a simple and safe procedure that is performed without anesthesia. Nevertheless, experience of the person performing the procedure matters a lot.

Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy is probably the most effective and result oriented treatment for varicose vein removal. High intensity laser beams are made incident at the swollen veins. This causes the veins to heat up and ultimately shrink. The blood circulation in the treated area is then taken over by the wholesome veins. Radiofrequency waves may also be used to shrink the affected veins by heating them up.

The best way to stop varicose veins from spreading is through self care measures. Try to figure out the main cause behind the problem and avoid that to prevent the condition from becoming worst. Make minor modifications to your lifestyle and you will notice significant improvement. For example, spider veins and varicose veins are mostly related to daily routines that involve standing for extended periods. Give your legs some rest and you will notice significant improvement in the appearance of swollen veins.