Port-wine stains refer to a type of birthmarks characterized by swollen blood vessels creating a reddish or purplish skin discoloration, mostly on face. These birthmarks get their name from red wine as they literally look like red wine spilled on the skin. Port wine stains have a prevalence rate of 3 in 1000 people and affect both men and women equally. Port wine stains are mostly harmless and rarely cause any serious complications such as ulceration or carcinoma. Most people seek port wine stain treatment for cosmetic reasons.

Port wine stains (ازالة الوحمة) are mostly appear on the skin of a newborn at the time of birth or may appear within the first few days after birth as flat marks of pink colour. However, as the kids grow, port-wine stains tend to become darker, generally to dark red or reddish purple colour. According to a latest survey, about 3 of every 1000 kids born have a port-wine stain.

These marks can develop anywhere on body but they are mostly found on the face, neck or scalp. They can be of any size and shape and usually grow as the child grows. Besides changing their size and shape, port wine stains may also change in texture. Early port wine stains are mostly smooth and flat but if not treated they often become thick and granular during adulthood. Some also rise above the surface of skin but this is rare.

Like other birthmarks, port wine stains are also harmless and rarely pose any potential health risk. However, they don’t look good, and may become disfiguring and embarrassing for the a person, especially when on face or any other part of the body that is mostly visible. Most people seek port wine stain treatment for cosmetic reasons.

If your newly born baby also has port wine stain anywhere on his or her body, get it treated as early as possible. But that doesn’t mean that get it treated as soon as you notice it. Give the nevi some time as like any other birthmark, port wine stains also fade away over time. If it does not go away by the age of 10, you need to get it removed clinically.

There are many treatments available for eliminating port wine stains, including excision, freezing and radiation. However, the most effective treatment for port-wine stain removal to date is laser therapy. It works by damaging the problem causing blood filled vessels in the skin without damaging the surrounding tissues and blood vessels. The type of laser used for removing port-wine stain may vary from person to person, depending on the individual’s age and the size and depth of the birthmark.