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Permanent tattoos were considered part of fashion in the late 70’s and tattoos are still practiced by several cultures. Tattooing works by injecting ink into the dermis layer of the skin just so it doesn’t affect the internal organs of the body and is visible to the outer surface as well. The tattoo ink is located in almost same place as the melanin and often disturbs the production of melanin and related skin pigments. Tattoos can go horribly wrong and the latest research on tattoos says that almost 40% of the population regrets getting the tattoo in the first place.

Back in the days, it was hard to get rid of the tattoo ink and skin peeling processes were applied on the body to get rid of the tattoos. Some of the painful procedures to get rid of tattoos were;

  • Salabrasion
  • Burning
  • Replacement
  • Acid removal
  • Cryosurgery
  • Creams


Tattoo Removal Procedures

  • Salabrasion was a scrubbing process in which the water mixed with salt was used to rub against the tattooed surface to penetrate the skin surface and to eliminate the skin. Salabrasion is one of the most painful procedures that are not used nowadays due to their horrible side effects and pain involvement. This is no way near the sophisticated laser tattoo removal Dubai technique.


  • Mild burns were introduced to the tattooed surface of the body in order to burn the skin surface along with tattoo ink to get rid of the unwanted tattoo. It was most commonly used a procedure that was used by the war prisoners who have marked with tattoos forever their lives. Burning involved pain and permanent scarring was formed surrounding the area of the tattoo.


  • Replacement tattoos were often made in order to correct the unwanted bad tattoo. This procedure is still commonly used by the hardcore tattoo fanatics as it allows the patient to get another tattoo without losing the first one.


  • Acid removal was a common practice to get rid of the unwanted tattoo till the 20th century, the procedure involved applying the acid to the tattooed surface in order to destroy the skin cells along with tattoo. This procedure involved a lot of pain as the tattooed surface couldn’t be removed unless the surrounding area of the skin was burned and left with scars forever.


  • Cryosurgery is a procedure that is commonly used in cancer treatment; it is still used to treated big tattooed surfaces that cannot be treated otherwise. The cryosurgery works by applying the extremely cold liquid to the surface of the skin to destroy the skin cells along with tattooed surface in order to remove the tattoo permanently.

There are several creams available in the market that can help you get rid of the tattoo but they are slow in their treatment and almost can take over a couple of years to remove the tattoo completely. Hence it leaves laser tattoo removal in Dubai the best option for you.


Permanent Painless Solution

You can get rid of the unwanted tattoo easily by applying the Laser treatment. The laser is a permanent tattoo removal procedure that is done under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist/skin specialist and it is capable of removing every kind of tattoo from the surface of the skin.

The laser treatment for tattoo removal in Dubai works by following way

  • Dermatologist examines the skin surface of the patient and tattoo area to determine the best treatment option.
  • The laser tattoo removal Dubai is set to the appropriate frequency suiting the skin and tattoo of the patient
  • The laser is applied to the pre-marked tattooed area and the tattoo ink is heated to the level that it neutralizes and dissolves naturally.
  • The treatment area appears reddish and swollen for some hours and returns to natural shape immediately.
  • The tattoo is permanently removed and skin is returned to normal within a week.


After Treatment

Depending upon the tattoo ink and tattoo color, the treatment may take multiple sessions and big tattoos may take a lot of time to fade away as compared to small tattoos but tattoos can be easily removed with the help of laser tattoo removal treatment machine.



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