stretch marks on legs

White stretch marks are one of the conditions that have prominent effects on the skin of the patient and they cause a lot of cosmetic problems. The White Stretch marks can be easily seen on the surface of the patients who have undergone pregnancy or those patients who have gained weight quickly. Basically, the stretch marks are formed due to excessive pull in the skin of the patient that can occur due to several factors, White Stretch marks can be caused due to temporary factors and body may heal itself eventually but mostly proper treatment is required to get rid of stretch marks from the body.


White stretch Marks

White stretch marks are formed on the body due to excessive pressure on the dermis of the skin that causes damage in the elasticity of the skin. It is mostly caused due to underlying factors;

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight gain
  • Hormonal change
  • Change in environment
  • Bad health
  • Wrong medication
  • Age factor

White Stretch marks are so common in the pregnant women that they are known as pregnancy marks as well and the condition is treated by the dermatologists, skin specialists and cosmetologists differently in different clinics. At Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai, we try to cure the white stretch marks without causing any side effects on the skin of the patient and without causing any downtime. Some of the treatment methods are discussed below:

Stretch Marks Treatments

At Laser Skin Care Clinic, white stretch marks can be easily gotten rid of as there are qualified dermatologists and skin specialists who examine the skin to determine the best possible cure to treat the skin condition. The treatment methods vary from skin to skin and from factor causing the white stretch marks to the reaction of the body against the treatment. Some of the cosmetic treatments in Dubai are used extensively and provide the best cure to the patient without causing problems in the body; these treatments are discussed below:


Peels are applied directly on the skin surface to rejuvenate the skin. The problems like Acne, large pores, stretch marks, pigmentation, spider veins, birthmarks and surgical scars can be easily treated with the help of Peels.

There are three types of peels formula available i.e. Chemical Peels, Herbal Peels, and Laser Peels.

  • chemical peels are those peels that have chemical ingredients to fasten the recovery time and have greater depth than the herbal peels but they can cause a reaction if applied by an inexperienced skin specialist.
  • Herbal peels on the other hands are made by herbal formulas and have natural ingredients in them, the chances of a bad reaction to herbal peels is low. They are relatively slower in the recovery but their results are powerful and return the most natural skin shape.
  • Laser peels are the most powerful and the most effective way to a treatment that is currently being offered by the Laser Skin Care Clinic, Dubai. The laser peels can provide skin rejuvenation at much faster speed and return good results. It can be only applied through the help of qualified dermatologist/cosmetologist.

Micro-needling treatment

Micro-needling treatment used to be the primary treatment method for cosmetic conditions and is still one of the most commonly used skin treatments to provide the users with the best cure for acne, for stretch marks and for surgical scars. There are two ways in which the micro needling stretch marks treatment is done; by using Dermapen or by using dermaroller, your dermatologist will select the most appropriate treatment method based on your skin type. White Stretch marks can be completely removed with the help of Micro-needling treatment and to fasten the treatment results, the micro-needling treatment can be mixed with laser or PRP therapy.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing in Dubai is a form of skin facelift that allows the patient to get rid of a number of cosmetic problems in one treatment. Acne, surgical scars, white stretch marks and pigmentation problems can be gotten rid of on any body part with the help of laser machine that initiates the body’s natural healing process to return best skin treatment without causing any downtime.



You can easily get rid of white stretch marks by undergoing the above-mentioned treatments but if you are still looking for answers to get rid of White Stretch Marks then fill out our form below to get free consultation based on your skin type.