Are you seeking an effective treatment for an unsightly birthmark on your face, arm or back? Are these unsightly congenital marks making you feel less confident? Do you want to eliminate unsightly birthmarks without going under the knife? If your answer is yes then laser treatment for birthmarks may be an option worth considering.

You must have noticed small pimples and blotches on newborns’ skin that soon disappear as they adapt to the environment outside the mother womb. But there are some marks or splotches that do not disappear appear over time. Such blotches are referred to as birthmarks. As the name suggests most of the birthmarks are present on the infant’s skin at the time of birth, but they may appear shortly after the birth.

Dermatologists divide birthmarks into two broad categories, pigmented birthmarks and vascular birthmarks. The former are caused by excess of skin pigment (melanin) in the cells, whereas the latter are caused by enlarged blood vessels or clusters of blood vessels in a certain area. Pigmented birthmarks are flat whereas vascular birthmarks are usually raised above the surface of skin. Birthmarks come in different sizes, shapes and colors, including pale yellow, pink, red, purple, blue, brown, tan and black.

Birthmarks are mostly benign and rarely cause any discomfort or problem, but one thing is confirm and that is they are not aesthetically pleasing. According to a survey, 90% of the individuals get birthmarks treated for cosmetic reasons.

Most of the birthmarks shrink or even disappear on their own over time (by the time a child is of school age). If a birthmark exists after your child has started his/her schooling, it is an indication that you need to see a doctor for birthmark removal.

There are numerous treatment options available to effectively eliminate birthmarks, with laser therapy being choice of majority. Laser therapy offers a quick and non-invasive way of improving the appearance of a superficial birthmark. A pulsating narrow beam of laser light of specific wavelength is aimed at the birthmark. The birthmark pigment absorbs the energy transmitted by the laser light and fades away over time. Besides dispersing the birthmark pigment, laser treatment also helps reduce bumpiness of the nevi raised above the surface of skin.

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