Face Lift in dubai

The advancements in the field of aesthetic surgery have paved the way to success for the people. Thread lift in Dubai is among the most used methods to rejuvenate your skin and provides you with a young appearance. This method helps you in fighting with aging and you may look young again. Though different techniques are used to perform the facelift. This article provides you with related details. Continue reading to explore more!

What is Face Lift?

The procedure of facelift refers to the type of cosmetic surgery that aims to lift your face. It helps you combating aging signs on your faces, such as sagging skin and wrinkles.

Methods of Face Lift

·         Liquid Facelift

Injectable dermal fillers are used to perform the procedure. Hydroxyapatite, lactic acid calcium, or hyaluronic acid is used to make these injections. In this way, you don’t need to go through a surgical procedure to achieve your goal. All you need is to get injections to fill the hollow area, plump lips, and smooth folds & creases. This method is also useful in preventing aging.

·         Mini Face Lift

Another method to perform the procedure is mini facelift. Smaller incisions are made to perform the procedure. Though the procedure is minimally invasive. If you have minimal laxity in the skin and you want to get rid of it, then you should go for this method. This method is also known as the name of “weekend facelifts” as you can get this procedure on Friday and get back to the work on Monday.

·         Traditional Face Lift

Another appropriate method for the correction of facial aging is none other than traditional. Small incisions are made behind the ears and into the hairline. This is the surgical method and you will get stitches. These stitches will be removed after about a week. You need to take an off from your work for almost 10 days.

·         Mid Face Lift

You want to get a treatment that will be more effective for the mid-face area which is your cheeks, then you should go for a mid facelift. Just revealed by the name of this method, it will cover your cheeks. Again, this is the surgical method and you will get incisions behind the ears or in the hairline. It makes your skin tight and also can reposition the fat pads.

·         Silhouette Face Lift

Last but not least, the Silhouette facelift is the most advanced procedure which deals with the drooping facial skin and makes your skin young and glowing. You will get instant and long-lasting results with this method. A bidirectional absorbable thread is used to perform the procedure so that you can get optimal results.

When you choose any of the above-mentioned procedures, you may also need an additional procedure to get more benefits. Our experts will help you in this regard. This is the reason; we recommend an initial consultation. Don’t make blind decisions and always do the complete research before opting for a method. It’s time to move forward and book your appointment!