laser skin tightening

Are you seeking a non-surgical solution for sagging facial skin? Do you want to shed some tummy flab without incisions and injections? If your answer is yes, laser skin tightening is probably the procedure worth considering. It is a cost-effective, non-invasive cosmetic procedure to help you regain younger looking, smooth skin with virtually no side effects and downtime. Although it is not a permanent solution, you can enjoy the results safely for several months.

Like any other cosmetic procedures, Laser skin tightening cost also varies significantly from one person to another, depending on the individual patient needs. Numerous factors determining the cost of procedure include:

  1. Location of the area that needs tightening
  2. Size of the area to be tightened
  3. Type of the laser used
  4. Extent of sagginess
  5. Experience and reputation of your clinician, and
  6. Geographic location of your provider

Location of the area that needs treating:

Laser skin tightening price varies from area to area. For example, expenses for facial skin tightening will be different from those for neck tightening which in turn will be different from the cost for tightening abdominal skin. However, it is pertinent to mention here that laser skin tightening for each area is considerably less expensive than surgical lift for the same area. Moreover, financing options are also available.

Size of the area to be tightened

Cost of treatment depends directly on the size of area under treatment. If you want to tighten skin from a larger area such as tummy, it will be definitely higher than that for a small area like, face or neck.

Extent of sagginess:

Extent of sagginess plays a vital role in determining the cost of procedure. Treating an area at the same location and of same size will have less cost if sagginess is mild to moderate as compared to treating severe sagginess.

Type of the laser used:

Various types of lasers are used depending on the nature of treatment, your skin type and the extent of sagginess. Skin tightening performed by every laser is different from other one and so are their costs.

Experience and reputation of your clinician:

Laser skin tightening cost and the experience of your clinician bear direct relationship. This means that a highly qualified and experienced surgeon with a good repute in the market will charge you more as compared to the one who is not very much popular or has less experience.

Geographic location of your provider:

Geographic location of your provider also plays a key role in determining cost of your treatment. Expect to pay more for the same procedure in US or UK as compared to a developing country. Similarly, a clinic in a posh area or at the centre of the city will definitely charge you more as compared to the one on the suburbs of the town.