One of the key issues that can affect the overall appearance of a person is unwanted hair on the body. These are present both in men and women. Women generally do not like any kind of hair that is present on their bodies. Some men also want to lessen the hair that covers their entire body. Thanks to the hottest Hollywood celebs of the current age.

Laser hair removal in Dubai is the perfect solution for both the sexes. The treatment works perfectly well for permanent hair removal. Unlike the traditional hair removal methods, it does not cause ingrown hair or infections. Here are a few questions about the laser hair removal Dubai which will clarify some of your concerns regarding the treatment and throw a little more light on the procedure.

Q1: How the laser hair removal in Dubai works? 

The process of laser hair removal in Dubai is pretty simple. The laser utilizes specific wavelengths in order to target the dark matter in the follicles which is called melanin. As the laser heats up the melanin, the follicle shrinks and eventually loses its ability to reproduce hair. and do not worry, the laser wouldn’t have any sort of negative impact on the surrounding skin. For the purpose numbing down any sensations of pain, a cooling gel is applied to the area to be treated. In order to fully remove the unwanted hair, six to seven treatment sessions are needed. The number can vary depending on each individual.

Q2: Can anyone undergo laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal in Dubai is an ideal treatment for almost every individual. People with darker skin tones traditionally were ruled out as candidates but with advancements in laser technology, they can get the treatment with the right machinery being used. People with white hair cannot benefit from the treatment. Women that are pregnant or lactating are also advised against the treatment. Currently, there is no evidence of ill effects of the laser on the mother or the child, not enough research has been conducted to take a definitive position on the matter.

Q3: How does it benefit both genders?

Women typically want to remove the unwanted body hair completely. This can be easily achieved by laser hair removal in Dubai. Men mostly like to have hair on the body that is not very thick in appearance. Since not all the follicles stop reproducing hair after the first sessions, a lighter appearance of the body hair can be achieved which is desired by most men.

Q4: What are the key benefits of laser hair removal in Dubai?

As mentioned above the treatment removes the hair permanently which does not happen with other treatments. At the same time, the procedure is more or less pain-free which is again not the case with the more traditional methods of body hair removal. it also offers permanent results and you don’t have to follow up with any maintenance measures.

Q5: Are there any risks or downtime involved?

The risk of infections is almost absent with laser hair removal in Dubai. The sessions only last for a few minutes so they do not take an awfully long time to deliver results. Usually, there is no downtime involved with this treatment and you can get back to work soon after the session is completed with necessary precautions. You might experience slight redness after the treatment but it will subside within a few hours. laser hair removal in Dubai is a completely safe procedure.

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