Do you want to have Laser Hair Removal in Dubai? Or, you are seeking services of the best dermatologist for Acne Treatment or Acne Scars Treatment? Or you are planning to undergo skin whitening treatment in Dubai this summer? You will obviously need services of the best dermatologist to get the most out of your treatment. We also recommend you not to accept any offer less than the best! Find out the best skin care clinic and the best skin care specialist.

Let’s see how you can find out the best dermatologist in Dubai.

  • Make a list:

Prepare a list of all dermatologists in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai who offer the service you are seeking. You can easily collect their names either through internet or by roaming around the city. Some skin specialists do not practice the whole week or month in a same clinic. So, you must also note when a doctor is available in your city.

  • Find out the details:

Carefully find out the details of every dermatologist you have entered in your list. You must enquire the experience and qualification of the doctor. You may also ask if your prospective dermatologist uses latest techniques like CO2 Lasers for skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation. Note all the relevant information you gather through your visit or by searching online.

  • See before and after pictures and meet a previous patient:

All good skincare clinics maintain a repository of before and after pictures of the patients they have treated in the past. Ask for these pictures and see the results. Some clinics also arrange a meeting with a previous satisfied client. It would be great if you could avail such meeting. Such a meeting would provide you a chance to see the results by yourself and ask the individual about his level of satisfaction.

  • Give weights:

It’s time to compare all the dermatologists on your list. Divide the collected information in fine categories named as experience, qualification, word of mouth and results etc. Now, as you are done with providing information against each category for every surgeon, rate them on the scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the maximum. You can also rate the attitude of the doctor and the clinical staff or any other item which you deem important in your treatment.

  • Compare dermatologists:

simply sum up all the marks for every doctor on the list and check who has earned the highest score. Definitely, a dermatologist with best results, highest experience and good qualification would get the highest rating. If any 2 doctors score highest points, repeat the process.

Once you have shortlisted and selected the best dermatologist in Dubai, trust your doctor’s skills and experience. Let him decide what’s best and what not for you.

Skin flaws negatively affect a person’s personality and confidence. People with acne scars or dark patches or any other skin issue are often seen avoiding social activities just to avoid a series of question like how, why , when, where etc.

Your dermatologist plays a key role in not only rejuvenating your flawed skin but also in restoring the lost self confidence. Seek services of the best dermatologist in Dubai and regain your youthful appearance. You will feel more beautiful and confident after a successful skincare treatment.

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