The fight against an out of shape body is always on the cards. People want to get back in shape though it is not always easy. Even if a good diet control and exercise regime is maintained, it is entirely possible that some fat may remain on certain parts of the body.

Laser liposuction is a relatively new procedure which helps in removing fat. People looking to get back in shape can most certainly benefit from this procedure. It is a better option in comparison with the traditional liposuction. Let’s learn more about this novel idea and also understand why it is a better bet than the traditional procedure.

When laser liposuction should be used?

Laser liposuction is not for the morbidly obese. It works best for a person that has localized fat that he or she is unable to remove through diet control or exercise. Typically fat under the chin, around the arms, flanks and inner thighs is hard to remove. People with abdominal fat too can benefit from the treatment though the doctor will first need to assess if liposuction in Dubai is a good idea for your current level of fat.

Who is a good candidate?

There are some perimeters which should be met for a person to be a candidate for a laser liposuction procedure. These include at least 18 years of age, an overall healthy body and a certain minimum weight. The person seeking this treatment should be active and maintaining a diet and exercise regime. It is also imperative that he or she should not be suffering from any serious condition including certain heart conditions. You can discuss your medical history with your doctor to ensure that you are a good candidate and do not have any condition that may rule you out as a candidate.

How does laser liposuction work?

The treatment is a blend of both traditional liposuction and laser fat removal treatment. The doctor marks the area to be treated and makes incisions. The liposuction cannula is inserted which melts the fat which is sucked into a chamber through a tube. Laser cannula is then inserted to further melt the fat.

The fat as a result continues to be melted much after the conclusion of the treatment and is excreted out of the body. The laser also helps the skin by producing more collagen to firm it up. The order to treatment can be reversed if need be. It is also possible that the laser cannula may be the only option used in certain cases.

Main differences between traditional and laser liposuction

There are certain differences between laser liposuction and the traditional liposuction. Laser liposuction is performed under the administration of local anesthesia whereas the traditional one uses general anesthesia. This adds all the possible complication associated with any surgery carried out under general anesthesia.

The laser treatment is also lesser invasive and works to boost the collagen levels. On the other hand, the traditional liposuction Dubai does not help any collagen production and skin treatment afterwards may be needed to counter the laxity caused by the treatment.

Another difference is that laser liposuction is ideal for smaller amounts of fat, typically localized fat deposits. Liposuction may be used for removing greater amount of fat at a given time. It is typically used to remove tummy fat. Up to 5 liters of fat can be removed safely though the treatment may become dangerous afterwards.

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