how to reduce belly fat

One of the most commonly sought after procedures to get rid of belly fat is tummy tuck. It is a surgical procedure that removes loose skin and excess fat from the middle and lower abdomen to help you restore a flattened tummy instantly. But a million dollar question is, is surgery the only way to get rid of belly fat? Or, if going under the knife to get rid of belly fat is worth it? Continue reading to know the answers to your question.

Before knowing the answer to, “how to lose belly fat”, let’s first discover what causes belly fat buildup. In some patients this condition is inherited while others may have developed it with time due to unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy diet, stuffed with junk and fried foods, coupled with sedentary lifestyle, is the most common cause of obesity in this day and age.

Excessive weight loss and pregnancy can weaken your tummy muscles and cause abdominal skin to become saggy. Lifting droopy abdominal skin without surgery is nearly impossible and this is where Tummy Tuck comes in the picture. It is a surgical procedure that removes excessive, sagging skin and gives your abdomen a firm appearance, restoring a flattened tummy.

Potential risks and complications of Tummy Tuck

While tummy tuck is without any doubt the most demanded cosmetic surgery procedure for restoring a tighter and firmer tummy, there are several side effects of the procedure that you must know before opting for it. It helps you in making a better decision and forming realistic expectations from your treatment. Here is a brief overview of potential risks and complications that a tummy tuck may offer.

  • Scarring, swelling, bleeding and infection in treated area
  • Fluid accumulation under skin
  • Poor wound healing in people who smoke or have certain diseases
  • Tissue loss in case of an extensive surgery
  • Blood clots
  • Changes in skin sensation may be due to nerve damage
  • Anesthesia related risks

It is due to these risks and complications that more and more people are seeking non-surgical fat reduction treatment in Dubai. If you are also trying to get rid of belly fat without surgery then laser liposuction may be worth considering.

Laser Liposuction is one of the various variations of the traditional liposuction procedure. It uses heat from lasers to liquefy the belly fat before sucking it out of your tummy with the help of small cannulas. Smaller fat deposits may be liquefied and left for the body’s immune system to process it and excrete out.

Lipolysis is another procedure which involves fat melting with injections. It involves injecting a mixture of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts to melt and burn localized fat deposits in tummy or any other part of the body – including double chin, love handles and under arms.

Results of the non surgical fat reduction treatment are not instant, though you will notice slight difference in appearance of treated areas immediately after the procedure. It takes a couple of months at least to notice any significant improvement. You will feel your abdomen firmer, contoured and without any outward projection. It will make you feel more confident and there will be new clothing choices for you. And the best part is there will be no incisions or scars to hide.

To get non surgical belly fat removal in Dubai, contact Laser Skin Care Clinic now. The clinic also offers free online consultation to answer your queries instantly. How to lose belly fat non surgically should not be an unanswered question for you.