Summer is the most fun time of the year. Families prepare for vacations months in advance to ensure that when the time comes, everything falls perfectly in place. One aspect that somehow gets a miss is the personal appearance. We’re not talking about losing weight and getting beach ready, we’re talking about the skin.

Most people have minor skin issues that negatively affect their appearance. These can be treated prior to the summers so that a person looks great. The best treatment option for this purpose is microdermabrasion. This procedure can correct a host of conditions with a great degree of success. In the following lines, we shall learn more about how this procedure works and how it can make your summers more fun this time around.

How does it work?

A handheld device is used to spray tiny crystals onto the skin in order to exfoliate the top layer. Once the process is completed, the exfoliated skin and used crystals are collected into a chamber with the help of a suction pump. This starts the healing process which allows healthier skin to replace older, damaged skin in a few days’ time.

The production of structural protein collagen is also greatly improved which allows the skin to be firmer. As the level of collagen continues to improve, the skin keeps getting better with time.

Conditions it can treat

There are conditions that microdermabrasion treatment in dubai can correct. These include fine lines and wrinkles that develop in people due to aging and dehydration along with sun damage. It is also very useful for treating a variety of pigmentation issues that do not look well on our faces and bodies. Scars caused by acne, surgery or an injury too can be corrected with microdermabrasion. It is one of the best procedures on offer due to the many options it offers along with its great results.


It is a highly effective treatment that can give results as good as any other option. Like all other options, a few sessions will be needed to get the desired results. Improvements are visible with each treatment session being completed.

Are there any downsides of Microdermabrasion?

There aren’t any real downsides with microdermabrasion. There is hardly any sensation of pain during the procedure. To reduce such a sensation, topical anesthetics are usually applied to the skin prior to the treatment.

Side effects are minimal and usually temporary. They mostly consist of itching, redness and swelling in the treated area. Photosensitivity is also developed for some times and one needs to wear sunscreen while going under the sun.

There is no downtime associated with microdermabrasion treatment and a person can continue to carry out most of the daily routine. Rest is a good idea but not must in most cases. You may be required to avoid tough exercises and applying makeup for a day or two which is not a big issue.

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