There are many women who have under eye dark circles(علاج السواد تحت العين), and the biggest problem they face when getting ready for a party is to hide these nasty circles around the eyes. Dark circles can be formed due to a variety of reasons bad sleeping habits, Iron deficiency, Gene pool, Depression, Excessive exposure to sunlight, Hyper-pigmentation and Hollow eye being the most common causes. While there are a number of ways to hide these unsightly circles instantly, they rarely offer permanent relief.

Here we will share with you both temporary fixes and a permanent cure for dark circles. Let’s start off with quick fixes:

Instant solutions for Dark circles:

Many women apply skin-colored concealer under the eyes, or just an extra amount of foundation to cover the dark part. This however, can leave you with a cakey look producing fine lines and making wrinkles more noticeable. As luck would have it, these dark circles can be hidden by applying the right products. Read the following guide to hide your under-eye dark circles in minutes.

  • Applying primer

Primer application is important to not only cover your dark circles but for your overall foundation routine also. Primers do a marvelous job by helping concealers and foundation to stick to your skin and keep them from settling into wrinkles and fine lines. I suggest using your ring finger and using a pea-sized amount of primer under your every eye. Gently spread it into a smooth thin layer.

  • Applying concealer

Concealers are the most effective tools for hiding under eye dark circles. Experts usually recommend yellow shade concealer for blue-colored circles, and peach or orange shade concealers for brown colored circles; use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin. Gel-like concealers have less tendency of caking up under eyes. Pat on a thin layer of concealer using your ring finger and pay close attention to the innermost corners. Pat and gently swap to have a smooth, even layer over your dark circles.

  • Applying foundation

After applying concealer, apply foundation across your face. Select a color that will blend smoothly down the neckline for a flawless finish. Place several dots on the entire face. Use a beauty blender or a stippling brush and smooth out your foundation to create a smooth finish. Be gentle, as harsh blending may wipe away the concealer you just applied.

  • Applying powder

Powdering makes your concealer and foundation last longer and helps avoid creases or fade. It also makes the foundation translucent so that it does not look sticky or shiny.

With a little practice, you can be an expert in hiding dark circles with makeup. But all these are just simple hacks to hide under eye dark circles. If you want to get rid of dark circles permanently, seek professional help from some reputed cosmetic clinic, like Laser Skin Care Clinic.

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