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The trend of Laser hair removal in Dubai is emerging as everyone wants to get rid of excessive hair without causing problems in the body. Painful methods were introduced to get rid of the excessive hair permanently; the techniques even included burning of hair that sometimes resulted in the burning of the skin.

Such painful methods were the reason why permanent hair removal was discouraged in earlier days; instead of those methods temporary methods were introduced that allowed the person to get rid of excessive hair for a short period of time, the major reason for their popularity was easy treatment method that was painless. It is completely safe to take laser hair removal for dark skin.


Hair Removal Methods

Thanks to the technological advancements, you can now get rid of all the excessive hair permanently, in a matter of minutes. There are several procedures introduced that allow a person to get rid of excessive hair, some of them are invasive and surgical in nature whereas some of the procedures are noninvasive and nonsurgical. In either procedural method, the downtime has been revolutionized and a patient can go back to his daily routine without any problem.

To reduce the side effects and complications of the treatment, a qualified dermatologist first examines the skin to determine the type and sensitivity so that best laser hair removal in Dubai can be tailored. The most important and popular Body hair removal methods in Dubai are as under:


Temporary methods

The procedures have been popular to date and are still being widely used from daily sharp razors to hair removal creams to plucking methods. All of the treatments for hair removal are considered as temporary as the new hair grows quicker, thicker and longer than before.

The temporary methods are considered cost-friendly and consume less time but in the long run, the temporary methods cost more and the combined consumed time becomes three times more than that of permanent methods.

Permanent methods

There are two methods currently being used that are totally noninvasive and nonsurgical in nature and they provide the best treatment without causing any side effects. The treatment methods are laser hair removal in Dubai and electrolysis.

  • Laser Hair removal Dubai is considered as the best cosmetic treatment to get rid of excessive hair as it removes all the hair without causing any problem in the surrounding area or any side effects but the treatment is limited in a way that the laser machine is unable to target the white, grey, or blonde hair and those who have excessive hair in blonde or grey color need the electrolysis treatment or any other non-surgical treatment to get rid of the problem.
  • Electrolysis is considered as the most important cosmetic treatment for colored hair. It involves passing a current through the body to neutralize the excessive hair cells to stop them from growing again. It is applied when laser hair removal Dubai treatment is not an option or patient wants to get rid of excessive blond hair.

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