laser vaginal tightening

For women, there can be a number of physical issues with age. Some of them are purely cosmetic in nature while others can cause physical symptoms and discomfort. One of the factors that comes in the latter category is the vaginal laxity. In this condition, loss of urine and a sharp decrease in the pleasure had during sexual intercourse is experienced.

The condition is mainly caused by aging, gravity and birth of children. It can have ill psychological effects on the women as well since they cannot feel much during sexual activity. The loss of confidence can also lead to problems in marital life.

In yesteryear, the only treatment options was to get a surgery to restore normalcy. However, recently laser treatment too has come to fore that is noninvasive and does not have long down times or side effects. The treatment is the perfect solution to the Vaginal laxity problem. We shall learn more about it in the following lines.

Why choose laser vaginal tightening?

The treatment is the perfect solution to the problem of vaginal laxity that can create the above mentioned issues for the women. Vaginal laxity takes both physical and emotional toll on a woman and it can even affect the relationship in an adverse manner. To deal with these issues, treatment is important. Since the treatment does not involves cuts and sutures, most women are comfortable with it. It only takes half an hour or less so there is no lengthy time needed to get treated.

Does it work for everyone?

Most women with vaginal laxity can take advantage of this treatment. See your doctor to ensure that it should work for you. In some cases of pelvic laxity, the treatment may not be effective in the desired manner and other treatment options may need to be brought to use.

How does it work?

A handheld device is entered into the vagina for the purpose of treatment. Laser energy is emitted from this device at a controlled rate which is idea for boosting the production of collagen, a structural protein that firms up the skin. The laser rotates at 360 degrees to ensure that no part of the vagina is left untreated. The sessions lasts for a fewer than half an hour and the person getting the treated can get back to her routine afterwards. The results are not immediate and can take from a few days to a few weeks as the collagen continues to build up as a result of the treatment. The treatment needs to be repeated a few times to achieve the intended results.

Does the treatment cause discomfort?

This is perhaps the only laser treatment that does not cause any kind of pain. There is no need to use any numbing agents since there is no pain whatsoever. The most sensation felt during the treatment is a heating sensation in the vaginal region which goes away at the end of the treatment session.


It is a lunchtime procedure and does not carry any downtime. It is not a bad idea when you get the treatment to allow quick results.

Some rest is needed after the treatment and you need to take some time off from work. Certain routine matters may also be limited for some time. Check with your doctor prior to the doctor to learn about what you can and can’t do soon after the treatment.

Important Cares

It is important to not have sexual intercourse for four to five days after the treatment. Some discharge may take place for a few days which is normal.The beak between the treatments is a must and generally four weeks break should be taken after each session.

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