Getting ready for Fractional CO2 treatment

Fractional CO2 is surely one of the finest laser treatments in the world that really work for correcting skin issues. It can help in getting rid of many issues at once which makes it a favorite amongst both doctors and patients.

The treatment is more advanced than its predecessor, the carbon dioxide laser. Fractional CO2 offers the same results but without the invasiveness. This means lesser side effects and little or no downtime after the treatment.

In order to get the maximum benefit out of the treatment, it is crucial that you prepare well for it. There are some very simple steps that need to be taken in this regard. We shall briefly look into them to learn more about them.

Do not tan

Laser works best on lighter skin tones. If the shade of the skin is darker, the efficacy can be reduced. Do not tan, by sunbathing or with the help of lotions in order to derive maximum benefits out of the treatment. Ideally avoid doing so for a month.

Avoid exfoliation

It is recommended that you do not exfoliate the skin for a couple of weeks prior to the treatment. It is useful for the better results to be achieved in the treatment.

Take the medication(s)

Your doctor may give you some medications to take prior to the treatment for a day or two. Make sure that you consume the medication as it helps in minimizing the side effects from the treatment.

Clean the skin

The skin should be cleansed so that the dirt deposits do not reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Be sure to use an antibacterial soap recommended by your doctor.

Avoid fragrances

Do not apply any kind of fragrance on the day of the treatment. It is not recommended during the treatment. This also includes deodorants of all kinds including spray on and roll on.

Do not use skincare products

There are many skincare products that people use in daily routine. Men generally use lotions to keep the skin in good health. Women may also apply some makeup. Be sure that you skin does not have any of these on the day of the treatment.

Do not use hair care products

It is recommended that you do not use any hair products on the day of the treatment. So do not use your hair sprays, gels and hair masks on the day of the fractional CO2 treatment in Dubai.

Shave the area to be treated

It is suggested that you shave the area being treated if it has hair on it. The reason is that the hair above the surface can absorb the laser energy which can burn the top of the skin. By shaving the area, the laser energy can be consumed by the targeted area and not the hair.

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