Laser Hair Removal Sharjah

Hairs are present in different areas of the body. Apart from follicles in the beard, scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, all other hair types usually fall into the category of unwanted hair and are considered removable.

Fortunately, you can choose from various options to remove unwanted hair. Some of those methods are temporary, while some are permanent. Despite their ease of use, temporary hair removal methods remain quite a hassle due to their results lasting only a few days to a few weeks. On the other hand, permanent hair removal treatments, such as laser hair removal, offer long-lasting or lifelong results.

This article provides a brief overview of some most common hair removal treatments or methods.

Famous Hair Removal Methods

There are many methods for unwanted hair removal. Each of these methods comes with a set of pros and cons. For instance, temporary hair removal methods are quick and convenient. But these methods do not stop hair from growing back. Conversely, permanent hair removal procedures must be performed in clinics and spas. And the results of these procedures are permanent.

We will provide a basic overview of some most common hair removal methods here.

Temporary hair removal methods

  • Shaving: It is a quick and convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair on your body. However, shaving can result in ingrown hair. Moreover, the results of shaving last only a couple of days.
  • Plucking: It is a viable option if you have only a few hairs to remove. This method is particularly considerable for the removal of stray facial hairs. Nonetheless, this technique can cause a lot of pain.
  • Depilatory creams: While these creams are generally available over the counter, not all of them are the same. So, read the label carefully and make sure that the product you purchase suits your requirements without causing any side effects. The most common side-effect of these creams is an allergic reaction, which can prove quite uncomfortable.
  • Hot waxing: Hot waxing offers hair removal that lasts longer than other temporary methods. Generally, this method removes hair for about two weeks. However, hot waxing can be painful and may leave a few strands behind. Skin damage occurring due to instant wax removal can also raise the risk of infections.

Permanent hair removal methods

  • Electrolysis: A professional kills hair roots during this procedure by putting an electrically charged needle in hair follicles. This method results in permanent hair removal. The two methods used in the electrolysis are galvanic hair removal and thermolytic hair removal.
  • Laser hair removal: This treatment uses a laser beam to kill the hair bulb. Laser hair removal treatment primarily targets black-colored hairs. The dark pigment of these hairs absorbs the heat produced by the laser light, getting their roots destroyed. As a result, these hairs fall off after a few weeks and do not grow back.

Laser Hair Removal Therapy – The Best Hair Removal Method

The best thing about laser hair removal treatment is it is safe and secure. It has some minor side effects that include redness, discomfort, and tingling. However, these side effects last for only a short time. Typically, the patient can resume their routine right after the treatment.

Here are some distinguishing features of laser hair removal treatment.

  • Because the laser hair procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, the patient does not need to prepare for the treatment.
  • The procedure is mainly non-invasive, meaning that the patient will not require any downtime.
  • Although the risk of side effects exists with this treatment, these side effects are minor and usually subside in a couple of days. Still, you can discuss ways to mitigate discomfort and exacerbation of complications with your dermatologist.

The End Result

With many hair removal methods available, you will want to go for the safest, most effective, long-lasting solution. The good thing is laser hair removal checks all the boxes. This treatment gives you a flawless skin appearance for your lifetime. However, make sure that you get this treatment from a highly skilled practitioner.

In the end, Laser Skin Care Clinic gives you access to the top-rated dermatologists with vast experience in laser hair removal. If you think you meet the candidacy criteria to undergo laser hair removal, visit our clinic or book a consultation online.