Skin pigmentation is a widespread problem affecting the masses all over the world. This condition is characterized by dark or light patches of skin, that most commonly appear on  face. Though it is not a life threatening condition, women take it as the biggest beauty concern and are always ready to go to any limit to get rid of dark spots.

While there are countless home remedies and clinical procedures available to help people get rid of skin pigmentation, knowing the actual cause of discoloration is very important. Because without knowing the actual cause, you may not be able to erase the dark spots completely. Sun exposure is the most common cause of pigmentation. Ultraviolet rays of sun stimulate the melanocytes, causing them to produce more melanin – a natural pigment that adds color to your skin and hair. The excess melanin produced by the melanocytes starts accumulating under the surface of skin leading to formation of dark patches.

Heredity also plays a vital role in deciding your susceptibility to skin pigmentation. If your mother and grandmother had freckles, sun spots, liver spots or melasma marks on the skin, you are most likely to face the similar condition after 30. Some medications also lead to formation of dark patches on the face. There are numerous other irritants as well that can cause hyper-pigmentation, including harsh weather conditions and makeup products.

What ever the reason may be behind skin pigmentation, you can significantly erase them or at least make them less visible. There are numerous cosmetic procedure that you can use for pigmentation treatment. The most effective of them all is Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL). The procedure uses pulsating beams of high intensity light to break accumulated melanin underneath the surface of skin, while leaving the epidermis intact. The broken melanin is absorbed by the body and you notice significant improvement in the appearance of dark patches in the treated areas.

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