Mole Removal treatment in Dubai

Beauty marks? Cancer spots? Whatever you call them. You wonder why they have suddenly started to pop around your body and face. Some of us naturally have moles present on our bodies and faces. In that case, they are non-cancerous and there is nothing you can do about them instead of going for a professional Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai. On the other hand, some of us may be more susceptible to getting moles later in our lifetime. Thanks to ultraviolet exposure, genetic predisposition, and natural aging process. Many dermatologists insist even children apply sunscreen as excessive sun exposure is said to be one of the major causes of the mole formation.

Which individuals are more prone to getting the moles?

Nearly anyone can get moles. Yes, you can I can anyone can. You have probably heard of NEVUS cells before if you are a biology student. They are present at birth and can slightly be altered during life. They can trigger mole formation.  But, principally, moles form as a result of spending hours in the sun. So, if you have been a fan or tanning and laying on beaches, you are more prone to getting the moles.

If there is no ultraviolet exposure, are you safe from moles then?

The answer is no. A big no. Some individuals will form moles with or without sun exposure. They can also form on non-exposed regions as well. However, the probability of developing moles will be extremely less if you are not exposing yourself to the sunlight.

Are moles and freckles the same thing?

Well, they are not the same thing. Here is how you can differentiate the two. A mole is dark in color and is a raised bump on the skin while a freckle is a tiny brown or black spot which is usually flat. Both of them are triggered by excessive sun exposure. While moles lie deep on the epidermis, freckles are on the top of the epidermis and are easier to get rid of whereas moles require a professional mole removal treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Are there steps we can take to decrease moles?

The foremost thing you can do to prevent the formation of moles is to stay under the shade. Try to not go out during peak hours and whenever you have to go out, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, preferably SPF 40 or above. Make sure to reapply it every 4 hours to sustain its effects.

The second thing you can do is to get your hormones checked. Sometimes moles begin to appear as a result of hormonal imbalance. A hormone fix is sometimes all you need for eliminating moles.

Well, if you are doing the above steps, you probably won’t develop moles but if you already have big, nasty moles on your skin or body that are bothering you, Laser Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai or elsewhere can be a solution to your mole worries.


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