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Hemangiomas are birthmarks that are in the form of blood vessels that are raised above the normal surface of the skin. They are developed due to problems in veins and blood vessels that is caused by several factors. Usually, it is formed as a birthmark and is experienced by 10% of the infants. It develops after the first initial weeks of an infant.

Initially, they are in the form of a red or white patch on the surface of the skin and will continue to expand for few months and will start reducing in size for the rest of the life. It can be of different colors based on the depth and placement of the hemangioma. They can be placed in different areas of the body and can cause several complications. It is said that Hemangiomas recedes over time but in some cases, it may stay permanently on your body forever.

Types of Hemangiomas

There are two types of Hemangiomas, one is superficial, and the other is deep Hemangiomas, there exists mixed kind of Hemangiomas that are formed due to a combination of both situations.  The types are as under

  1. Superficial Hemangiomas: It is also known as Strawberry Hemangiomas and appears as a red tumor around the skin surface. They are in the form of a small number of capillary blood vessels. Superficial Hemangiomas are considered to take 60% of the total hemangioma cases.
  2. Subcutaneous Hemangiomas: They are in the form of a tumor that is present under normal or bluish skin surface and accounts for almost 15% of the hemangioma cases. They have the potential to turn into large tumors and require proper treatment.
  3. Mixed Hemangiomas: It is made by the combination of both Hemangiomas types and said to take 30% of the Hemangiomas cases.

Regardless of their type, the Hemangiomas cause confidence problems and personality issues and sometimes they can cause itching that leads to worsening of the skin surface. It is best to get Hemangiomas treatment in Dubai. Some of the most successful treatments are discussed as under:


Hemangiomas not only look bad but can lead to other problems if the blood vessels in its surrounding areas are disturbed. Hemangiomas treatment is possible through a variety of ways in Dubai. Most of the surgical procedures being used by Laser Skin Care Clinic are noninvasive and nonsurgical in nature, and they provide results based on the body and skin tone of the patient.

Laser Treatment for Hemangiomas

The laser can be applied by dermatologists/cosmetologists to treat the Hemangiomas condition as it is non-invasive and result from oriented treatment. The laser allows the patient to get rid of Hemangiomas and its scars in a couple of hours. The laser penetrates the skin surface and treats the infected blood vessels by neutralizing them and the areas surrounding it. Not only the diluted blood vessels are treated, but the collagen production and cell regeneration are also increased to ensure better, tighter skin after the treatment.  The procedure takes about an hour, and it allows the patient is authorized to go home after the brief checks up. Small post-procedural care is advised to ensure long-lasting treatment.

Post-Procedure Care

It is quite easy to get rid of a cosmetic condition like Hemangiomas in Dubai. The Laser treats Hemangiomas in a matter of minutes, but it takes a couple of treatments to get rid of the disease permanently. After the treatment, you will be advised;

  • Not to consume alcohol, Smoke or use antibiotic drugs for at least one week.
  • Don’t expose the treatment area to the direct sunlight
  • Use sun creams and related accessories to block Rays from affecting your body
  • Don’t apply makeup on the surface of the treatment area for one week.
  • Proper healthier diet to ensure long term effects.

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